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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; manures; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in industry.


Class 1 includes mainly chemical products used in industry, science and agriculture, including those which go to the making of products belonging to other classes.

This Class includes:

  • compost;
  • salt for preserving other than for foodstuffs.

This Class does not include:

  • raw natural resins (Cl. 2);
  • chemical products for use in medical science (Cl. 5);
  • fungicides, herbicides and preparations for destroying vermin (Cl. 5);
  • adhesives for stationery or household purposes (Cl. 16);
  • salt for preserving foodstuffs (Cl. 30);
  • straw mulch (Cl. 31).


Acetate of cellulose, unprocessed; Acetates [chemicals]*; Acetic anhydride; Acetone; Acetylene; Acetylene tetrachloride; Acid proof chemical compositions; Acids*; Acidulated water for recharging accumulators / acidulated water for recharging batteries; Acrylic resins, unprocessed; Actinium; Activated carbon / activated charcoal; Additives, chemical, to drilling muds / chemical additives to drilling muds; Additives, chemical, to fungicides / chemical additives to fungicides; Additives, chemical, to insecticides / chemical additives to insecticides; Additives, chemical, to motor fuel / chemical additives to motor fuel; Adhesive preparations for surgical bandages; Adhesives for billposting; Adhesives for industrial purposes; Adhesives for wallpaper / adhesives for paperhanging; Adhesives for wall tiles; Adjuvants, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Agar-agar for industrial purposes; Agglutinants for concrete; Agricultural chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Albumenized paper; Albumin [animal or vegetable, raw material]; Alcohol*; Aldehydes*; Alginates for industrial purposes; Alginates for the food industry; Alkalies; Alkaline-earth metals; Alkaline iodides for industrial purposes; Alkaline metals; Alkaloids*; Alum; Alumina; Aluminium acetate*; Aluminium alum; Aluminium chloride; Aluminium hydrate; Aluminium iodide; Aluminium silicate; Americium; Ammonia*; Ammonia alum; Ammoniacal salts; Ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes / volatile alkali [ammonia] for industrial purposes; Ammonium aldehyde; Ammonium nitrate; Ammonium salts; Amyl acetate; Amyl alcohol; Anhydrides; Anhydrous ammonia; Animal albumen [raw material]; Animal carbon; Animal carbon preparations; Animal charcoal; Animal manure; Anthranilic acid; Anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; Anti-frothing solutions for accumulators / anti-frothing solutions for batteries; Anti-incrustants; Anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; Anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables; Anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; Antifreeze; Antimony; Antimony oxide; Antimony sulfide; Antioxidants for use in manufacture; Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes; Argon; Arsenic; Arsenious acid; Artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations]; Astatine; Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives; Bacterial preparations, other than for medical and veterinary use; Bacteriological preparations, other than for medical and veterinary use; Bacteriological preparations for acetification; Barium; Barium compounds; Barium sulfate; Baryta; Baryta paper; Barytes; Bases [chemical preparations]; Basic gallate of bismuth; Bate for dressing skins / dressing, except oils, for skins; Bauxite; Beer-clarifying and preserving agents; Beer preserving agents; Bentonite; Benzene; Benzene-based acids; Benzene derivatives; Benzoic acid; Benzoic sulfimide; Benzol; Berkelium; Bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes; Bichloride of tin; Bichromate of potassium; Bichromate of soda; Biochemical catalysts; Biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Biological tissue cultures, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Biostimulants for plants; Birdlime; Bismuth; Bismuth subnitrate for chemical purposes; Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes / decolorants for industrial purposes; Blood charcoal; Blueprint cloth; Blueprint paper; Blue vitriol / copper sulfate [blue vitriol]; Bone charcoal; Borax; Boric acid for industrial purposes; Brake fluid; Brazing fluxes; Brazing preparations; Brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils; Bromine for chemical purposes; By-products of the processing of cereals for industrial purposes; Caesium; Calcined soda; Calcium carbide; Calcium cyanamide [fertilizer] / calcium cyanamide [fertiliser]; Calcium salts; Californium; Calomel [mercurous chloride]; Camphor, for industrial purposes; Carbide; Carbolineum for the protection of plants; Carbon; Carbonates; Carbon black for industrial purposes; Carbon disulfide; Carbon for filters; Carbonic acid; Carbonic hydrates; Carbon tetrachloride; Casein for industrial purposes; Casein for the food industry; Catalysts; Catechu; Caustic alkali; Caustics for industrial purposes; Caustic soda for industrial purposes; Cellulose; Cellulose derivatives [chemicals]; Cellulose esters for industrial purposes; Cellulose ethers for industrial purposes; Cement-waterproofing chemicals, except paints; Cement for footwear; Cement for mending broken articles; Cement preservatives, except paints and oils; Cement [metallurgy]; Ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]; Ceramic glazings; Ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media; Cerium; Chemical additives for oils; Chemical coatings for ophthalmic lenses; Chemical condensation preparations; Chemical intensifiers for paper; Chemical intensifiers for rubber; Chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; Chemical preparations for scientific purposes, other than for medical or veterinary use; Chemical preparations for smoking meat; Chemical preparations for use in photography; Chemical preparations to prevent diseases affecting cereal plants; Chemical preparations to prevent diseases affecting vine plants; Chemical preparations to prevent mildew; Chemical preparations to prevent wheat blight / chemical preparations to prevent wheat smut; Chemical reagents, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Chemicals, except pigments, for the manufacture of enamel; Chemicals for the manufacture of paints; Chemicals for the manufacture of pigments; Chemicals for use in forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes / chemical preparations for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Chimney cleaners, chemical; Chlorates; Chlorides; Chlorine; Cholic acid; Chromates; Chrome alum; Chrome salts; Chromic acid; Chromic salts; Chromium oxide; Cinematographic films, sensitized but not exposed / cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed; Citric acid for industrial purposes; Coal saving preparations; Cobalt oxide for industrial purposes; Collagen for industrial purposes; Collodion*; Color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes / colour-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; Combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel]; Compositions for repairing inner tubes of tyres/compositions for repairing inner tubes of tires; Compositions for repairing tyres / compositions for repairing tires; Compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records; Compositions for the manufacture of technical ceramics; Compositions for threading; Compost; Concrete-aeration chemicals; Concrete preservatives, except paints and oils; Condensation-preventing chemicals; Coolants for vehicle engines; Corrosive preparations; Cream of tartar for chemical purposes; Cream of tartar for industrial purposes; Cream of tartar for the food industry; Creosote for chemical purposes; Crotonic aldehyde; Cryogenic preparations; Cultures of microorganisms, other than for medical and veterinary use; Curium; Currying preparations for leather; Currying preparations for skins; Cyanides [prussiates] / prussiates; Cymene; Damp-proofing chemicals, except paints, for masonry; Defoliants; Degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes / grease-removing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; Degumming preparations / gum solvents; Dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes; Dendrimer-based polymers for use in the manufacture of capsules for pharmaceuticals; Descaling preparations, other than for household purposes; Detergent additives to gasoline / detergent additives to petrol; Detergents for use in manufacturing processes; Dextrin [size]; Diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Diastase for industrial purposes; Diatomaceous earth; Diazo paper; Disincrustants; Dispersions of plastics; Distilled water; Dolomite for industrial purposes; Drilling muds; Dry ice [carbon dioxide]; Dysprosium; Electrophoresis gels; Emollients for industrial purposes; Emulsifiers; Enamel-staining chemicals; Engine-decarbonising chemicals / chemical preparations for decarbonising engines; Enzyme preparations for industrial purposes; Enzyme preparations for the food industry; Enzymes for industrial purposes; Enzymes for the food industry; Epoxy resins, unprocessed; Erbium; Esters*; Ethane; Ethers*; Ethyl alcohol; Ethyl ether; Europium; Expanded clay for hydroponic plant growing [substrate]; Fat-bleaching chemicals; Fatty acids; Ferments for chemical purposes; Fermium; Ferrocyanides; Ferrotype plates [photography]; Fertilizers / fertilisers; Fertilizing preparations / fertilising preparations; Filtering materials of chemical substances; Filtering materials of mineral substances; Filtering materials of unprocessed plastics; Filtering materials of vegetable substances; Filtering preparations for the beverages industry; Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel; Fire extinguishing compositions; Fireproofing preparations; Fish meal fertilizers / fish meal fertilisers; Fissionable chemical elements; Fissionable material for nuclear energy; Fixing baths [photography]; Fixing solutions [photography]; Flashlight preparations; Flavonoids [phenolic compounds] for industrial purposes; Flocculants; Flour for industrial purposes; Flower preservatives; Flowers of sulfur for chemical purposes; Fluids for hydraulic circuits / liquids for hydraulic circuits; Fluorine; Fluorspar compounds; Formic acid; Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes; Foundry binding substances; Foundry molding preparations / foundry moulding preparations; Foundry sand; Francium; Fuel-saving preparations; Fuel for nuclear reactors; Fuller's earth for use in the textile industry; Fulling preparations; Fulling preparations for use in the textile industry; Gadolinium; Gallic acid for the manufacture of ink; Gallium; Gallnuts; Gallotannic acid; Galvanizing baths / baths for galvanizing; Galvanizing preparations; Gambier; Gas purifying preparations / preparations for the purification of gas; Gelatine for industrial purposes; Gelatine for photographic purposes; Genes of seeds for agricultural production; Getters [chemically active substances]; Glass-frosting chemicals; Glass-staining chemicals; Glaziers' putty; Glucose for industrial purposes; Glucose for the food industry; Glucosides; Glue for industrial purposes; Glutamic acid for industrial purposes; Gluten for industrial purposes; Gluten for the food industry; Gluten [glue], other than for stationery or household purposes; Glutinous tree-grafting preparations / glutinous tree-banding preparations / glutinous preparations for tree-banding / glutinous preparations for tree-grafting; Glycerides; Glycerine for industrial purposes; Glycol; Glycol ether; Gold salts; Grafting mastic for trees; Grafting wax for trees; Graphene; Graphite for industrial purposes; Guano; Gum arabic for industrial purposes; Gums [adhesives] for industrial purposes; Gum tragacanth for industrial purposes; Gurjun balsam for use in the manufacture of varnish; Gypsum for use as a fertilizer; Heavy water; Helium; Holmium; Hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; Horticultural chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Humus; Humus top dressing; Hydrates; Hydrazine; Hydrochlorates; Hydrochloric acid; Hydrofluoric acid; Hydrogen; Hydrogen peroxide for industrial purposes; Hypochlorite of soda; Hyposulfites; Industrial chemicals; Iodic acid; Iodine for chemical purposes; Iodine for industrial purposes; Iodised albumen; Iodised salts; Ion exchangers [chemicals]; Iron salts; Isinglass, other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes; Isotopes for industrial purposes; Kainite; Kaolin / china slip / china clay; Ketones; Kieselgur; Krypton; Lactic acid; Lactose for industrial purposes; Lactose for the food industry; Lactose [raw material]; Lamp black for industrial purposes; Lanthanum; Lead acetate; Lead arsenate; Lead oxide; Leather-dressing chemicals; Leather-impregnating chemicals; Leather-renovating chemicals; Leather-waterproofing chemicals; Leather glues; Lecithin for industrial purposes; Lecithin for the food industry; Lecithin [raw material]; Lime acetate; Lime carbonate; Lime chloride; Limestone hardening substances; Liquids for removing sulfates from accumulators / liquids for removing sulfates from batteries; Lithia [lithium oxide]; Lithium; Litmus paper; Loam; Lutetium [cassiopium] / cassiopium [lutetium]; Magnesite; Magnesium carbonate; Magnesium chloride; Magnetic fluid for industrial purposes; Malt albumen; Manganate; Manganese dioxide; Mangrove bark for industrial purposes; Masonry preservatives, except paints and oils; Mastic for leather; Mastic for tires / mastic for tyres; Meat tenderizers for industrial purposes; Mercuric oxide; Mercury; Mercury salts; Metal annealing preparations; Metal hardening preparations; Metalloids; Metal tempering preparations; Methane; Methyl benzene; Methyl benzol; Methyl ether; Milk ferments for chemical purposes; Milk ferments for industrial purposes; Milk ferments for the food industry; Mineral acids; Moderating materials for nuclear reactors; Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in bleaching / wetting preparations for use in bleaching; Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing / wetting preparations for use in dyeing; Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry / wetting preparations for use in the textile industry; Mold-release preparations / mould-release preparations; Mordants for metals; Must-fining preparations; Nanopowders for industrial purposes; Naphthalene; Neodymium; Neon; Neptunium; Nitrate paper; Nitrates; Nitric acid; Nitrogen; Nitrogenous fertilisers / nitrogenous fertilizers; Nitrous oxide; Oenological bactericides [chemical preparations for use in wine making]; Oil-bleaching chemicals; Oil-purifying chemicals; Oil-separating chemicals; Oil cement [putty]; Oil dispersants; Oils for currying leather; Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; Oils for tanning leather; Oils for the preservation of food; Oleic acid; Olivine [silicate mineral]; Opacifiers for enamel; Opacifiers for glass; Organic digestate [fertilizer] / organic digestate [fertiliser]; Oxalates; Oxalic acid; Oxygen for industrial purposes; Palladium chloride; Paper pulp; Paste fillers for automobile body repair / paste fillers for car body repair; Peat pots for horticulture; Peat [fertiliser] / peat [fertilizer]; Pectin for industrial purposes; Pectin for the food industry; Pectin [photography]; Perborate of soda; Percarbonates; Perchlorates; Persulfates; Persulfuric acid; Petroleum dispersants; Phenol for industrial purposes; Phosphates [fertilisers] / phosphates [fertilizers]; Phosphatides; Phosphoric acid; Phosphorus; Photographic developers; Photographic emulsions; Photographic paper; Photographic sensitizers; Photometric paper; Photosensitive plates; Picric acid; Plant growth regulating preparations; Plasticizers; Plastics, unprocessed; Plastisols; Plutonium; Polish removing substances / substances for removing polish; Polonium; Polymer resins, unprocessed; Potash; Potash water; Potassium; Potassium dioxalate; Potato flour for industrial purposes; Potting soil; Power steering fluid; Praseodymium; Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass; Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses; Preparations for stimulating cooking for industrial purposes; Preparations for the separation of greases; Preparations of microorganisms, other than for medical and veterinary use; Preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol; Preparations of trace elements for plants; Preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils; Preservatives for use in the pharmaceutical industry; Promethium; Propellant gases for aerosols; Protactinium; Protective gases for welding; Proteins for the food industry; Proteins for use in manufacture; Proteins for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Protein [raw material]; Purification preparations / clarification preparations; Pyrogallic acid; Quebracho for industrial purposes; Radiator flushing chemicals; Radioactive elements for scientific purposes; Radium for scientific purposes; Radon; Rare earths; Reagent paper, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Reducing agents for use in photography; Refrigerants; Renovating preparations for phonograph records; Rhenium; Rock salt; Rubber preservatives; Rubidium; Saccharin; Sal ammoniac; Sal ammoniac spirits; Salicylic acid; Salt, raw; Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs; Saltpeter / salpetre; Salts for coloring metal / salts for colouring metal; Salts for galvanic cells / salts for galvanic batteries; Salts for industrial purposes; Salts from rare earth metals; Salts of alkaline metals; Salts of precious metals for industrial purposes; Salts [chemical preparations]; Salts [fertilisers] / salts [fertilizers]; Samarium; Sauce for preparing tobacco; Scandium; Seawater for industrial purposes; Seaweeds [fertilizers] / seaweeds [fertilisers]; Sebacic acid; Seed preserving substances; Selenium; Self-toning paper [photography]; Sensitized cloth for photography; Sensitized films, unexposed; Sensitized paper; Sensitized photographic plates; Sensitized plates for offset printing; Separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations / ungluing preparations / unsticking and separating preparations; Silicates; Silicon; Silicon carbide [raw material]; Silicones; Silver nitrate; Silver salt solutions for silvering; Size for finishing and priming; Size for use in the textile industry; Sizing preparations; Slag [fertilisers] / slag [fertilizers]; Soap [metallic] for industrial purposes; Soda ash; Sodium; Sodium salts [chemical compounds]; Soil conditioning preparations; Soil for growing; Soldering fluxes; Solidified gases for industrial purposes; Solutions for cyanotyping; Solvents for varnishes; Soot for industrial or agricultural purposes; Sorrel salt; Spinel [oxide mineral]; Spirits of salt; Spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]; Stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; Starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents] / ungluing agents [chemical preparations for liquifying starch]; Starch for industrial purposes; Starch paste [adhesive], other than for stationery or household purposes; Stearic acid; Stem cells, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Strontium; Substances for preventing runs in stockings; Substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]; Sulfates; Sulfides; Sulfonic acids; Sulfur; Sulfuric acid; Sulfuric ether; Sulfurous acid; Sumac for use in tanning; Superphosphates [fertilisers] / superphosphates [fertilizers]; Surface-active chemical agents / tensio-active agents; Synthetic materials for absorbing oil; Synthetic resins, unprocessed / artificial resins, unprocessed; Talc [magnesium silicate]; Tan; Tan-wood; Tannic acid; Tannin; Tanning substances; Tapioca flour for industrial purposes; Tartar, other than for pharmaceutical purposes; Tartaric acid; Tea extracts for the food industry; Tea extracts for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Tea extracts for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Technetium; Tellurium; Terbium; Test paper, chemical; Tetrachlorides; Textile-brightening chemicals; Textile-impregnating chemicals; Textile-waterproofing chemicals; Thallium; Thiocarbanilide; Thorium; Thulium; Thymol for industrial purposes; Titanite; Titanium dioxide for industrial purposes; Toluene / toluol; Toning baths [photography]; Toning salts [photography]; Topsoil; Toxic gas neutralizers; Transmission fluid; Transmission oil; Tree cavity fillers [forestry]; Tungstic acid; Uranium; Uranium nitrate; Uranium oxide; Vinic alcohol; Viscose; Vitamins for the food industry; Vitamins for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Vitamins for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Vitamins for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Vulcanization accelerators; Vulcanizing preparations; Wallpaper removing preparations; Water-purifying chemicals; Water-softening preparations; Water glass [soluble glass]; Wax-bleaching chemicals; Welding chemicals / soldering chemicals; Wine finings; Witherite; Wood alcohol; Wood pulp; Wood vinegar [pyroligneous acid] / pyroligneous acid [wood vinegar]; X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed; Xenon; Xylene; Xylol; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zirconia.