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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials.


Class 10 includes mainly medical apparatus, instruments and articles.

This Class includes:

  • special furniture for medical use;
  • hygienic rubber articles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • supportive bandages.


Abdominal belts; Abdominal corsets; Abdominal pads; Acupressure bands; Acupuncture needles; Aerosol dispensers for medical purposes; Air beds for medical purposes; Air cushions for medical purposes; Air mattresses for medical purposes; Air pillows for medical purposes; Ambulance stretchers; Anaesthetic apparatus; Anaesthetic masks; Analysers for bacterial identification for medical purposes / analyzers for bacterial identification for medical purposes; Anti-nausea wristbands; Anti-rheumatism bracelets; Anti-rheumatism rings; Apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, for medical purposes; Apparatus for acne treatment; Apparatus for artificial respiration; Apparatus for DNA and RNA testing for medical purposes; Apparatus for the regeneration of stem cells for medical purposes; Apparatus for the treatment of deafness; Appliances for washing body cavities; Arch supports for footwear; Armchairs for medical or dental purposes; Artificial breasts; Artificial eyes; Artificial jaws; Artificial limbs; Artificial skin for surgical purposes; Artificial teeth; Baby feeding pacifiers / baby feeding dummies; Balling guns / bolus guns; Bandages, elastic; Basins for medical purposes; Bed pans; Beds specially made for medical purposes; Bed vibrators; Belts, electric, for medical purposes; Belts for medical purposes; Biodegradable bone fixation implants; Biomagnetic rings for therapeutic or medical purposes; Blankets, electric, for medical purposes; Blood testing apparatus; Body composition monitors; Body fat monitors; Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes; Bone void fillers comprised of artificial materials; Boots for medical purposes; Bracelets for medical purposes; Brain pacemakers; Breast pumps; Brushes for cleaning body cavities; Cannulae; Cases fitted for medical instruments; Castrating pincers; Catgut; Catheters; Chambers for inhalers / spacers for inhalers; Childbirth mattresses; Cholesterol meters; Clips, surgical; Clips for dummies / clips for pacifiers; Clothing especially for operating rooms; Commode chairs; Compression garments; Compressors [surgical]; Condoms; Containers especially made for medical waste; Contraceptives, non-chemical; Cooling pads for first aid purposes; Cooling patches for medical purposes; Corn knives; Corsets for medical purposes; Crutches; Cupping glasses; Curing lamps for medical purposes; Cushions for medical purposes; Defibrillators; Dental apparatus, electric; Dental apparatus and instruments; Dental burs; Dentists' armchairs; Dentures / sets of artificial teeth; Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Dialyzers; Douche bags; Drainage tubes for medical purposes; Draw-sheets for sick beds; Dropper bottles for medical purposes; Droppers for medical purposes; Dummies for babies / pacifiers for babies; Ear picks; Ear plugs [ear protection devices]; Ear trumpets; Elastic stockings for surgical purposes; Electric acupuncture instruments; Electrocardiographs; Electrodes for medical use; Endoscopy cameras for medical purposes; Enema apparatus for medical purposes; Esthetic massage apparatus; Feeding bottles / babies' bottles; Feeding bottle teats; Feeding bottle valves; Filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes; Finger guards for medical purposes; Forceps; Fumigation apparatus for medical purposes; Furniture especially made for medical purposes; Galvanic belts for medical purposes; Galvanic therapeutic appliances; Gastroscopes; Gloves for massage; Gloves for medical purposes; Glucometers / glucose meters; Gum massagers for babies; Hair prostheses; Hearing aids; Hearing protectors; Heart pacemakers; Heart rate monitoring apparatus; Heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes / heating pads, electric, for medical purposes; Hemocytometers / haemocytometers; Hot air therapeutic apparatus; Hot air vibrators for medical purposes; Hydrogen inhalers; Hypodermic syringes; Hypogastric belts; Ice bags for medical purposes; Implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices; Incontinence sheets; Incubators for babies; Incubators for medical purposes; Inhalers; Injectors for medical purposes; Instrument cases for use by doctors; Insufflators; Kinesiology tapes; Knee bandages, orthopedic / knee bandages, orthopaedic; Knives for surgical purposes; Lamps for medical purposes; Lancets; Lasers for medical purposes; Laser therapy helmets for treating alopecia; LED masks for therapeutic purposes; Lenses [intraocular prostheses] for surgical implantation / intraocular prostheses [lenses] for surgical implantation; Lice combs; Love dolls [sex dolls]; Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] apparatus for medical purposes; Masks for use by medical personnel; Massage apparatus; Maternity belts; Medical apparatus and instruments; Medical cooling apparatus for treating heatstroke; Medical cooling apparatus for use in therapeutic hypothermia; Medical examination tables; Medical guidewires; Menstrual cups; Microdermabrasion apparatus; Mirrors for dentists; Mirrors for surgeons; Nanites for medical purposes / nanorobots for medical purposes; Nasal aspirators; Needles for medical purposes; Obstetric apparatus; Obstetric apparatus for cattle; Operating tables; Ophthalmometers; Ophthalmoscopes; Orthodontic appliances; Orthodontic rubber bands; Orthopedic articles / orthopaedic articles; Orthopedic bandages for joints / orthopaedic bandages for joints; Orthopedic belts / orthopaedic belts; Orthopedic footwear / orthopaedic footwear; Orthopedic soles / orthopaedic soles; Oxygen concentrators for medical purposes; Pads for preventing pressure sores on patient bodies; Patient examination gowns; Patient hoists / patient lifting hoists; Pessaries; Physical exercise apparatus for medical purposes; Physiotherapy apparatus; Pill crushers; Pill cutters; Pins for artificial teeth; Plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes / plaster bandages for orthopaedic purposes; Portable hand-held urinals; Probes for medical purposes; Protection devices against X-rays, for medical purposes; Pulse meters; Pumps for medical purposes; Quad canes for medical purposes; Quartz lamps for medical purposes; Radiological apparatus for medical purposes; Radiology screens for medical purposes; Radiotherapy apparatus; Radium tubes for medical purposes; Receptacles for applying medicines; Respirators for artificial respiration; Respiratory masks for artificial respiration; Resuscitation apparatus; Robotic exoskeleton suits for medical purposes; Sanitary masks for medical purposes; Saws for surgical purposes; Scalpels; Scissors for surgery; Sex toys; Slings [supporting bandages]; Soporific pillows for insomnia; Sphygmomanometers / sphygmotensiometers / arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus; Spirometers [medical apparatus]; Spittoons for medical purposes; Splints, surgical; Spoons for administering medicine; Stents; Sterile sheets, surgical; Stethoscopes; Stockings for varices; Strait jackets; Stretchers, wheeled / gurneys, wheeled; Support bandages; Supports for flat feet; Surgical apparatus and instruments; Surgical bougies; Surgical cutlery; Surgical drapes; Surgical implants comprised of artificial materials; Surgical robots; Surgical sponges; Suspensory bandages; Suture materials; Suture needles; Syringes for injections; Syringes for medical purposes; Teething rings; Teeth protectors for dental purposes; Temperature indicator labels for medical purposes; Testing apparatus for medical purposes / apparatus for use in medical analysis; Therapeutic facial masks; Thermal packs for first aid purposes; Thermo-electric compresses [surgery]; Thermometers for medical purposes; Thread, surgical; Tips for crutches; Toe separators for orthopaedic purposes / toe separators for orthopedic purposes; Tomographs for medical purposes; Tongue depressors for medical purposes; Tongue scrapers; Traction apparatus for medical purposes; Trocars; Trusses / hernia bandages; Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes; Umbilical belts; Urethral probes; Urethral syringes; Urinals being vessels; Urological apparatus and instruments; Uterine syringes; Vaginal syringes; Vaporizers for medical purposes; Veterinary apparatus and instruments; Vibromassage apparatus; Walking frames for disabled persons; Walking sticks for medical purposes / canes for medical purposes; Water bags for medical purposes; Waterbeds for medical purposes; Wheeled walkers to aid mobility; X-ray apparatus for medical purposes; X-ray photographs for medical purposes; X-ray tubes for medical purposes.