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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition 10


The Nice Classification


Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.

This Class includes:

  • motors and engines for land vehicles;
  • couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;
  • air cushion vehicles.

This Class does not include:

  • certain parts of vehicles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • railway material of metal (Cl. 6);
  • motors, engines, couplings and transmission components other than for land vehicles (Cl. 7);
  • parts of motors and engines (of all kinds) (Cl. 7).


Aerial conveyors; aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; aeroplanes; air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; air balloons; air cushion vehicles; air pumps [vehicle accessories]; air vehicles; aircraft; airplanes (amphibious ); airships; ambulances; amphibious airplanes; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles*; anti-glare devices for vehicles*; anti-skid chains; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; anti-theft devices for vehicles; automobile bodies; automobile chains; automobile chassis; automobile hoods; automobile tires [tyres]; automobiles; automobiles (sun-blinds adapted for); axle journals; axles for vehicles; baby carriages; baby carriages (covers for); balance weights for vehicle wheels; balloons (air); balloons (dirigible ); bands for wheel hubs; barges; bars (torsion ) for vehicles; baskets adapted for cycles; bells for bicycles, cycles; berths (sleeping ) for vehicles; bicycle bells; bicycle brakes; bicycle chains; bicycle frames; bicycle handle bars; bicycle pumps; bicycle rims; bicycle saddles; bicycle spokes; bicycle stands; bicycle tires [tyres]; bicycles; boat hooks; boats; boats (masts for); bodies for vehicles; bogies for railway cars; brake linings for vehicles; brake pads for automobiles; brake segments for vehicles; brake shoes for vehicles; brakes for bicycles, cycles; brakes for vehicles; buffers for railway rolling stock; bumpers for automobiles; bumpers (vehicle ); buses (motor); cable cars; cable transport apparatus and installations; caissons [vehicles]; camping cars; caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks; caravans; carriages [railways]; carrier tricycles; carriers (luggage ) for vehicles; cars; cars for cable transport installations; carts; casings for pneumatic tires [tyres]; casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (am.)]; casting carriages; casting cars; chains (anti-skid ); chains (cycle ); chains for bicycles, cycles; chairlifts; chassis (automobile ); chassis (vehicle ); cigar lighters for automobiles; cleaning trolleys; cleats [nautical]; clips (spoke )for wheels; clutches for land vehicles; concrete mixing vehicles; connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; converters (torque ) for land vehicles; conveyors (aerial ); couplings for land vehicles; couplings (railway); covers for baby carriages; covers for vehicle steering wheels; covers (seat) for vehicles; crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; cranks for cycles; cycle bells; cycle brakes; cycle cars; cycle chains; cycle frames; cycle handle bars; cycle hubs; cycle mudguards; cycle pumps; cycle rims; cycle saddles; cycle spokes; cycle stands; cycle tires [tyres]; cycles; davits for boats; delivery tricycles; dining cars; dining cars [carriages]; dinner wagons [carriages]; direction indicators for bicycles; direction signals for vehicles; dirigible balloons [airships]; disengaging gear for boats; doors for vehicles; dredgers [boats]; dress guards for bicycles, cycles; driving chains for land vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; ejector seats for aircraft; electric vehicles ; elevating tailgates (am.) [parts of land vehicles]; engines for land vehicles; engines (traction ); fenders for ships; ferry boats; flanges for railway wheel tires [tyres]; fork lift trucks; frames for bicycles, cycles; freewheels for land vehicles; funiculars; funnels for locomotives; funnels for ships; gear boxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; gears for cycles; golf carts; hand cars; handle bars for bicycles, cycles; handling carts; harness (security ) for vehicle seats; headlight wipers; head-rests for vehicle seats; hoods for baby carriages; hoods for vehicle engines; hoods for vehicles; hooks (boat -); horns for vehicles; hose carts; hub caps; hubs for vehicle wheels; hulls (ships'-); hydraulic circuits for vehicles; hydroplanes; inclined ways for boats; inner tubes (adhesive rubber patches for repairing ); inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres]; inner tubes (repair outfits for); jet engines for land vehicles; journals (axle ); kick sledges; ladle carriages; ladle cars; launches; lifting cars [lift cars]; lifts (ski -); lifts (tailboard ) [parts of land vehicles]; linings (brake ) for vehicles; locomotives; lorries; luggage carriers for vehicles; luggage nets for vehicles; luggage trucks; masts for boats; military vehicles for transport; mine cart wheels; mirrors (rearview); mopeds; motor buses; motor cars; motor coaches; motor homes; motorcycles; motors, electric, for land vehicles; motors for cycles; motors for land vehicles; mudguards; non-skid devices for vehicle tires [tyres]; oars; omnibuses; paddles for canoes; panniers adapted for cycles; parachutes; patches (adhesive rubber) for repairing inner tubes; pedals for cycles; perambulator covers (fitted ); pneumatic tires [tyres]; pontoons; portholes; power tailgates (am.) [parts of land vehicles]; prams [baby carriages]; propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; pumps (air) [vehicle accessories]; pumps for bicycles, cycles; pushchair covers; pushchair hoods; pushchairs; railway cars (bogies for); railway couplings; railway wheel tires [tyres] (flanges of ---); rearview mirrors; reduction gears for land vehicles; refrigerated vehicles; remote control vehicles, other than toys; repair outfits for inner tubes; reversing alarms for vehicles; rims for vehicle wheels; rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; rolling stock for funicular railways; rolling stock for railways; rowlocks; rudders; running boards (vehicle ); sack-barrows; saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; safety belts for vehicle seats; safety seats for children, for vehicles; scooters [vehicles]; screw-propellers; screw-propellers for boats; screws [propellers] for ships; sculls; seaplanes; seat covers for vehicles; seats (safety) for children, for vehicles; seats (vehicle); security harness for vehicle seats; segments (brake ) for vehicles; ships; ships' hulls; ships' steering gears; ships (timbers [frames] for); shock absorbers for automobiles; shock absorbers (suspension ) for vehicles; shock absorbing springs for vehicles; shoes (brake ) for vehicles; shopping trolleys [carts (am.)]; side cars; signals (direction ) for vehicles; ski carriers for cars; ski lifts; sleeping berths for vehicles; sleeping cars; sleighs [vehicles]; snowmobiles; space vehicles; spare tire covers; spare tyre covers; spare wheel covers; spars for ships; spikes for tires [tyres]; spoilers for vehicles; spoke clips for wheels; spokes for bicycles, cycles; spokes (vehicle wheel ); sports cars; springs (shock absorbing ) for vehicles; sprinkling trucks; stands for bicycles, cycles [parts of bicycles, cycles]; steering gears for ships; steering wheels (covers for vehicle ); steering wheels for vehicles; stern oars; stroller covers [pushchairs]; strollers; studs for tires [tyres]; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; suspension springs (vehicle ); tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles]; tailgates (am.) (elevating -, power) [parts of land vehicles]; telpher railways [cable cars]; tilt trucks; tilting-carts; timbers [frames] for ships; tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons; tipping bodies for lorries [trucks]; tires (flanges of railway wheel ); tires for bicycles, cycles; tires for vehicle wheels; tires (non-skid devices for vehicle ); tires, solid, for vehicle wheels; torque converters for land vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; traction engines; tractors; trailer hitches for vehicles; trailers [vehicles]; tramcars; transmission chains for land vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; transmissions, for land vehicles; transport apparatus and installations (cable ); treads for retreading tires [tyres]; treads for vehicles [roller belts]; treads for vehicles [tractor type]; tricycles; tricycles (carrier); trolleys *; trucks; trucks (luggage ); tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles; turbines for land vehicles; turn signals for vehicles; two-wheeled trolleys; tyres (flanges of railway wheel ); tyres for bicycles, cycles; tyres for vehicle wheels; tyres (non-skid devices for vehicle ); tyres, solid, for vehicle wheels; undercarriages for vehicles; upholstery for vehicles; valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; vans [vehicles]; vehicle bumpers; vehicle chassis; vehicle covers [shaped]; vehicle petrol [gas] tanks (caps for); vehicle running boards; vehicle seats; vehicle suspension springs; vehicle wheel rims; vehicle wheel spokes; vehicle wheel tires [tyres]; vehicle wheels; vehicle wheels (hubs for); vehicles (air cushion ); vehicles (anti-glare devices for) *; vehicles (connecting rods for land ), other than parts of motors and engines; vehicles (electric); vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; vehicles for transport (military ); vehicles (refrigerated ); vehicles (remote control ), other than toys; vehicles (space ); waggons; waggons (refrigerated ) [railroad vehicles]; wagons (refrigerated ) [railroad vehicles]; warning systems (audible ) for cycles; water vehicles; weights (balance ) for vehicle; wheels; wheel hubs (bands for); wheel hubs (vehicle -); wheel tires [tyres] (vehicle ); wheelbarrows; wheelchairs; wheels for bicycles, cycles; wheels (spoke clips for); wheels (vehicle -); windows for vehicles; windscreen wipers; windscreens; windshield wipers; windshields; yachts.