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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.

This Class includes:

  • motors and engines for land vehicles;
  • couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;
  • air cushion vehicles.

This Class does not include:

  • certain parts of vehicles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • railway material of metal (Cl. 6);
  • motors, engines, couplings and transmission components other than for land vehicles (Cl. 7);
  • parts of motors and engines (of all kinds) (Cl. 7).


Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; Aerial conveyors; Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; Aeroplanes; Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; Aircraft; Air cushion vehicles; Air pumps [vehicle accessories]; Airships / dirigible balloons; Air vehicles; All-terrain vehicles; Ambulances; Amphibious airplanes; Amphibious vehicles; Anti-glare devices for vehicles* / anti-dazzle devices for vehicles*; Anti-skid chains; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Anti-theft devices for vehicles; Armored vehicles / armoured vehicles; Ashtrays for automobiles; Automobile bodies; Automobile chains; Automobile chassis; Automobile hoods; Automobile tyres / automobile tires; Autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections; Axle journals; Axles for vehicles; Baby carriages / prams; Bags adapted for pushchairs / bags adapted for strollers; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Bands for wheel hubs; Barges; Baskets adapted for bicycles; Bellows for articulated buses; Bicycle bells; Bicycle brakes; Bicycle chains; Bicycle cranks; Bicycle frames; Bicycle handlebars; Bicycle kickstands; Bicycle motors; Bicycle mudguards; Bicycle pedals; Bicycles; Bicycle saddles; Bicycle trailers; Bicycle tyres/bicycle tires; Bicycle wheels; Boat hooks; Boats; Bodies for vehicles; Bogies for railway cars; Brake discs for vehicles; Brake linings for vehicles; Brake pads for automobiles; Brake segments for vehicles; Brakes for vehicles; Brake shoes for vehicles; Buffers for railway rolling stock; Bumpers for automobiles; Cable transport apparatus and installations; Caissons [vehicles]; Camera drones / photography drones; Canoes; Caps for vehicle fuel tanks; Caravans; Cars / automobiles / motor cars; Cars for cable transport installations; Carts*; Casings for pneumatic tires / casings for pneumatic tyres; Casters for trolleys [vehicles] / casters for carts [vehicles]; Casting carriages / casting cars / ladle carriages / ladle cars; Chairlifts; Cigar lighters for automobiles; Civilian drones; Cleaning trolleys; Cleats [nautical]; Clips adapted for fastening automobile parts to automobile bodies; Clutches for land vehicles; Concrete mixing vehicles; Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; Couplings for land vehicles; Covers for vehicle steering wheels; Crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; Cup holders for vehicles; Davits for boats; Delivery drones; Delivery tricycles / carrier tricycles; Dining cars / dining carriages; Disengaging gear for boats; Diving bells; Doors for vehicles; Dredgers [boats]; Dress guards for bicycles; Driverless cars [autonomous cars] / self-driving cars; Driving chains for land vehicles; Driving motors for land vehicles; Ejector seats for aircraft; Electric bicycles; Electric vehicles; Engine mounts for land vehicles; Engines for land vehicles / motors for land vehicles; Fenders for ships; Ferry boats; Fishing trolleys; Fitted footmuffs for prams / fitted footmuffs for baby carriages; Fitted footmuffs for pushchairs / fitted footmuffs for strollers; Fitted pushchair mosquito nets / fitted stroller mosquito nets; Flanges for railway wheel tyres / flanges for railway wheel tires; Forklift trucks; Freewheels for land vehicles; Funiculars; Funnels for locomotives; Funnels for ships; Garbage trucks / rubbish trucks; Gear boxes for land vehicles; Gearing for land vehicles; Gears for bicycles; Golf carts [vehicles] / golf cars [vehicles]; Gyrocopters; Handcars; Handling carts; Head-rests for vehicle seats; Headlight wipers; Helicams; Helicopters; Hoods for vehicle engines; Hoods for vehicles; Horns for vehicles; Horse-drawn carriages; Hose carts; Hot air balloons; Hub caps; Hubs for bicycle wheels / bicycle wheel hubs; Hubs for vehicle wheels / vehicle wheel hubs; Hydraulic circuits for vehicles; Hydroplanes; Inclined ways for boats; Inner tubes for bicycle tires / inner tubes for bicycle tyres; Inner tubes for pneumatic tyres / inner tubes for pneumatic tires; Jet engines for land vehicles; Kick sledges; Launches; Locomotives; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Luggage nets for vehicles; Lug nuts for vehicle wheels; Masts for boats; Military drones; Military vehicles for transport; Mine cars; Mine cart wheels; Mobility scooters; Mopeds; Motor buses; Motor coaches; Motorcycle chains; Motorcycle engines; Motorcycle frames; Motorcycle handlebars; Motorcycle kickstands; Motorcycles; Motorcycle saddles; Motor homes / camping cars; Motor racing cars; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Motor scooters; Mudguards; Non-skid devices for vehicle tires / non-skid devices for vehicle tyres; Oars; Paddles for canoes; Panniers adapted for bicycles; Panniers adapted for motorcycles; Parachutes; Pet strollers; Pneumatic tires [tyres] / pneumatic tyres; Pontoons; Portholes; Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; Pumps for bicycles, cycles / bicycle pumps; Pushchair hoods / stroller hoods; Pushchairs / strollers; Push scooters [vehicles]; Railway carriages; Railway couplings; Rearview mirrors; Reduction gears for land vehicles; Refrigerated railway wagons; Refrigerated vehicles; Remote control vehicles, other than toys; Remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections; Repair outfits for inner tubes; Rescue sleds; Reversing alarms for vehicles; Rims for bicycle wheels / bicycle wheel rims; Rims for vehicle wheels / vehicle wheel rims; Robotic cars; Roll cage trolleys; Rolling stock for funicular railways; Rolling stock for railways; Rowlocks / oarlocks; Rudders; Saddlebags adapted for bicycles; Saddle covers for bicycles; Saddle covers for motorcycles; Safety belts for vehicle seats; Safety seats for children, for vehicles; Screw-propellers; Screw-propellers for boats; Screws [propellers] for ships; Sculls / stern oars; Seaplanes; Seat covers for vehicles; Security harness for vehicle seats; Self-balancing boards; Self-balancing electric unicycles; Self-balancing scooters; Ship hulls; Ships; Shock absorbers for automobiles; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Shopping trolleys / shopping carts; Side cars; Side view mirrors for vehicles; Signal arms for vehicles; Ski carriers for cars; Ski lifts; Sleeping berths for vehicles; Sleeping cars; Sleighs [vehicles]; Snowmobiles; Solid tires for vehicle wheels / solid tyres for vehicle wheels; Space vehicles; Spare wheel covers / spare tire covers / spare tyre covers; Spars for ships; Spikes for tires [tyres] / studs for tires [tyres]; Spoilers for vehicles; Spoke clips for wheels; Spokes for bicycle wheels /bicycle wheel spokes; Sports cars; Sprinkling trucks; Steering gears for ships; Steering wheels for vehicles; Stroller covers / pushchair covers; Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles] / elevating tailgates [parts of land vehicles] / power tailgates [parts of land vehicles]; Telpher railways [cable cars] / cable cars; Tilting-carts; Tilt trucks; Timbers [frames] for ships; Tipping apparatus [parts of railway wagons]; Tipping bodies for lorries / tipping bodies for trucks; Tires for snow ploughs / tyres for snow ploughs; Tires for vehicle wheels / tyres for vehicle wheels; Torque converters for land vehicles; Torsion bars for vehicles; Tow trucks / wreckers for transport; Tractors; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Trailers for transporting bicycles; Trailers [vehicles]; Tramcars; Transmission chains for land vehicles; Transmissions for land vehicles; Transmission shafts for land vehicles; Treads for retreading tyres / treads for retreading tires; Treads for vehicles [tractor type] / treads for vehicles [roller belts]; Tricycles; Trolleys*; Trucks / lorries; Trucks with a crane feature incorporated; Tubeless tires for bicycles / tubeless tyres for bicycles; Turbines for land vehicles; Two-wheeled trolleys / luggage trucks / sack-barrows; Tyre mousse inserts / tire mousse inserts; Undercarriages for vehicles; Upholstery for vehicles; Valves for vehicle tyres / valves for vehicle tires; Vans [vehicles]; Vehicle bonnet pins / vehicle hood pins; Vehicle bumpers; Vehicle chassis; Vehicle covers [shaped]; Vehicle joysticks; Vehicle running boards; Vehicle seats; Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; Vehicle suspension springs; Vehicle wheels; Vehicle wheel spokes; Water vehicles; Wheelbarrows; Wheelchairs; Windows for vehicles; Windscreens / windshields; Windshield wipers / windscreen wipers; Yachts.