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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition 10


The Nice Classification


Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks.


Class 13 includes mainly firearms and pyrotechnical products.

This Class does not include:


Acetyl-nitrocellulose; air pistols [weapons]; ammonium nitrate explosives; ammunition; artillery guns [cannons]; automatic firearm ammunition belts; ballistic missiles; ballistic weapons; bandoliers for weapons; barrels (gun ); barrels (rifle ); belts adapted for ammunition; bengal lights; breeches of firearms; cannons; carbines; cartridge belts (apparatus for filling -); cartridge cases; cartridge loading apparatus; cartridge pouches; cartridges; cases (cartridge ); cases (gun); cases (rifle ); cleaning brushes for firearms; cotton (gun ); detonating caps other than toys; detonating fuses for explosives; detonating plugs; detonators; dynamite; explosive cartridges; explosive powders; explosives; firearm sights; firearms; firearms (ammunition for); firearms (cleaning brushes for); firecrackers; fireworks; firing lanyards for explosives; firing platforms; fog signals, explosive; fuses for explosives; fuses for explosives, for use in mines; gas weapons (tear); gun barrels; gun carriages [artillery]; gun cases; gun cotton; gunpowder; guns (artillery) [cannons]; guns (hammers for); guns (harpoon ) [weapons]; sprays for personal defense purposes; stocks (gun -); tanks [weapons]; tear-gas weapons; torpedos; trigger guards for guns and rifles; trunnions for heavy weapons.