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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks.


Class 13 includes mainly firearms and pyrotechnical products.

This Class does not include:


Acetyl-nitrocellulose; Air pistols [weapons]; Ammonium nitrate explosives; Ammunition; Ammunition for firearms; Apparatus for filling cartridge belts; Artillery guns [cannons]; Automatic firearm ammunition belts; Ballistic missiles / ballistic weapons; Belts adapted for ammunition; Bengal lights; Breeches of firearms; Cannons; Cartridge cases; Cartridge loading apparatus; Cartridge pouches; Cartridges; Cleaning brushes for firearms; Detonating caps, other than toys / percussion caps, other than toys; Detonating fuses for explosives / firing lanyards for explosives; Detonating plugs; Detonators; Dynamite; Explosive cartridges; Explosive powders; Explosives; Firearms; Firecrackers; Fireworks; Firing platforms; Flare pistols; Fog signals, explosive; Fuses for explosives; Fuses for explosives, for use in mines; Gun barrels / rifle barrels; Gun carriages [artillery]; Gun cases / rifle cases; Guncotton / pyroxylin; Gunpowder; Gunstocks; Guns [weapons]; Hammers for guns and rifles / hammers for guns / hammers for rifles; Hand grenades; Harpoon guns [weapons]; Hunting firearms / sporting firearms; Lead shot for hunting; Machine guns; Mines [explosives]; Mortars [firearms]; Motorized weapons; Noise-suppressors for guns; Pistols [arms]; Powder horns; Primings [fuses]; Projectiles [weapons]; Pyrophoric substances; Pyrotechnic products; Rescue flares, explosive or pyrotechnic; Revolvers; Rifles / carbines; Rocket launchers; Rockets [projectiles]; Shells [projectiles]; Shoulder straps for weapons / bandoliers for weapons; Side arms [firearms]; Sighting mirrors for guns and rifles / sighting mirrors for guns / sighting mirrors for rifles; Sights, other than telescopic sights, for artillery; Sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms; Signal rocket flares; Sprays for personal defense purposes / sprays for personal defence purposes; Tanks [weapons]; Tear-gas weapons; Torpedoes; Trigger guards for guns and rifles / trigger guards for rifles; Trunnions for heavy weapons.