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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Clothing, footwear, headgear.

This Class does not include:

  • certain clothing and footwear for special use (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).


Adhesive bras / adhesive brassieres; Albs; Ankle boots; Aprons [clothing]; Ascots; Babies' pants [underwear]; Bandanas [neckerchiefs]; Bathing caps; Bathing suits / swimsuits; Bathing trunks / bathing drawers; Bath robes; Bath sandals; Bath slippers; Beach clothes; Beach shoes; Belts [clothing]; Berets; Bibs, not of paper; Bibs, sleeved, not of paper; Boas [necklets]; Bodices [lingerie]; Boots*; Boots for sports*; Boot uppers; Boxer shorts; Braces for clothing [suspenders] / suspenders; Brassieres; Breeches for wear; Camisoles; Cap peaks; Caps being headwear; Chasubles; Clothing*; Clothing containing slimming substances; Clothing for gymnastics; Clothing incorporating LEDs; Clothing of imitations of leather; Clothing of leather; Coats; Collars [clothing]; Combinations [clothing]; Corselets; Corsets [underclothing]; Cuffs / wristbands [clothing]; Cyclists' clothing; Detachable collars; Dresses; Dressing gowns; Dress shields; Ear muffs [clothing]; Embroidered clothing; Esparto shoes or sandals; Fingerless gloves; Fishing vests; Fittings of metal for footwear; Football shoes / football boots; Footmuffs, not electrically heated; Footwear*; Footwear uppers; Fur stoles; Furs [clothing]; Gabardines [clothing]; Gaiters; Gaiter straps; Galoshes / goloshes; Garters; Girdles; Gloves [clothing]; Gymnastic shoes; Hairdressing capes; Half-boots; Hat frames [skeletons]; Hats; Headbands [clothing]; Headscarfs / headscarves; Headwear; Heelpieces for footwear; Heelpieces for stockings; Heel protectors for shoes; Heels; Hoods [clothing]; Hosiery; Inner soles; Jackets [clothing]; Jerseys [clothing]; Judo uniforms; Jumper dresses / pinafore dresses; Karate uniforms; Kimonos; Knitwear [clothing]; Lace boots; Latex clothing; Layettes [clothing]; Leggings [leg warmers] / leg warmers; Leggings [trousers]; Leotards; Liveries; Maniples; Mantillas; Masquerade costumes; Miters [hats] / mitres [hats]; Mittens; Money belts [clothing]; Motorists' clothing; Muffs [clothing]; Neck gaiters / neck tube scarves; Neckties; Non-slipping devices for footwear; Outerclothing; Overalls / smocks; Overcoats / topcoats; Pajamas / pyjamas; Panties / knickers; Paper clothing; Paper hats [clothing]; Parkas; Pelerines; Pelisses; Petticoats; Pockets for clothing; Pocket squares; Ponchos; Rash guards; Ready-made clothing; Ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; Sandals; Saris; Sarongs; Sashes for wear; Scarfs / scarves; Shawls; Shirt fronts; Shirts; Shirt yokes; Shoes*; Short-sleeve shirts; Shower caps; Ski boots; Ski gloves; Skirts; Skorts; Skull caps; Sleep masks; Slippers; Slips [underclothing]; Socks; Sock suspenders; Soles for footwear; Spats; Sports jerseys; Sports shoes*; Sports singlets; Stockings; Stocking suspenders; Studs for football boots / studs for football shoes; Stuff jackets [clothing]; Suits; Sweat-absorbent socks; Sweat-absorbent stockings; Sweat-absorbent underwear / sweat-absorbent underclothing; Sweaters / pullovers / jumpers [pullovers]; Teddies [underclothing] / bodies [underclothing]; Tee-shirts; Tights; Tips for footwear; Togas; Top hats; Trousers / pants (Am.); Turbans; Underpants; Underwear / underclothing; Uniforms; Valenki [felted boots]; Veils [clothing]; Vests / waistcoats; Visors being headwear; Waterproof clothing; Welts for footwear; Wet suits for water-skiing; Wimples; Wooden shoes.