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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes; live animals; fresh fruits and vegetables; seeds, natural plants and flowers; foodstuffs for animals; malt.


Class 31 includes mainly land products not having been subjected to any form of preparation for consumption, live animals and plants as well as foodstuffs for animals.

This Class includes:

  • raw woods;
  • raw cereals;
  • fertilised eggs for hatching;
  • mollusca and crustacea (live).

This Class does not include:

  • cultures of micro-organisms and leeches for medical purposes (Cl. 5);
  • semi-worked woods (Cl. 19);
  • artificial fishing bait (Cl. 28);
  • rice (Cl. 30);
  • tobacco (Cl. 34).


Algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption / seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption; Algarovilla for animal consumption; Almonds [fruits]; Aloe vera plants; Anchovy, live; Animal fattening preparations / livestock fattening preparations; Animal foodstuffs; Aromatic sand [litter] for pets; Arrangements of fresh fruit; Artichokes, fresh; Bagasses of cane [raw material]; Barley*; Beans, fresh; Beet, fresh; Berries, fresh; Beverages for pets; Bird food; Bran; Bran mash for animal consumption; Bred stock; Buckwheat, unprocessed; By-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption / residual products of cereals for animal consumption; Cannabis, unprocessed; Cannabis plants; Cereal seeds, unprocessed; Chestnuts, fresh; Chicory, fresh; Chicory roots; Christmas trees*; Citrus fruit, fresh; Cocoa beans, raw; Coconuts; Coconut shell; Copra; Crayfish, live; Crustaceans, live; Cucumbers, fresh; Cuttle bone for birds; Distillery waste for animal consumption; Dog biscuits; Draff; Edible chews for animals; Edible flowers, fresh; Edible insects, live; Edible linseed, unprocessed / edible flaxseed, unprocessed; Edible sesame, unprocessed; Eggs for hatching, fertilised / eggs for hatching, fertilized; Fish, live; Fishing bait, live; Fish meal for animal consumption; Fish spawn; Flax meal [fodder]; Flower bulbs / bulbs; Flowers, dried, for decoration; Flowers, natural; Fodder / cattle food / forage; Freeze-dried fishing bait; Fruit, fresh; Fruit residue [marc] / marc; Garden herbs, fresh; Garlic, fresh; Ginger, fresh; Grains for animal consumption; Grains [cereals]; Grapes, fresh; Groats for poultry; Hay; Hazelnuts, fresh; Herrings, live; Hop cones; Hops; Juniper berries; Koi carp, live; Kola nuts / cola nuts; Leeks, fresh; Lemons, fresh; Lentils, fresh; Lettuce, fresh; Lime for animal forage; Linseed for animal consumption / flaxseed for animal consumption; Linseed meal for animal consumption / flaxseed meal for animal consumption; Litter for animals; Litter peat; Live animals; Lobsters, live; Locust beans, raw; Maize; Maize cake for cattle; Malt for brewing and distilling; Mash for fattening livestock; Meal for animals; Menagerie animals; Molluscs, live / mollusks, live; Mushrooms, fresh; Mushroom spawn for propagation; Mussels, live; Nettles; Nuts, unprocessed; Oats; Oil cake / cattle cake; Olives, fresh; Onions, fresh; Oranges, fresh; Oysters, live; Palms [leaves of the palm tree]; Palm trees; Peanut cake for animals; Peanut meal for animals; Peanuts, fresh; Peas, fresh; Peppers [plants]; Pet food; Pine cones; Plants; Plants, dried, for decoration; Pollen [raw material]; Potatoes, fresh; Poultry, live; Preparations for egg laying poultry; Quinoa, unprocessed; Rape cake for cattle; Raw barks; Residue in a still after distillation; Rhubarb, fresh; Rice, unprocessed; Rice meal for forage; Roots for animal consumption; Rose bushes; Rough cork; Rye; Salmon, live; Salt for cattle; Sanded paper [litter] for pets; Sardines, live; Sea-cucumbers, live; Seed germ for botanical purposes; Seedlings; Seeds for planting / plant seeds; Shellfish, live; Shrubs / bushes; Silkworm eggs; Silkworms; Soya beans, fresh; Spinach, fresh; Spiny lobsters, live; Squashes, fresh; Stall food for animals; Straw litter; Straw mulch; Straw [forage]; Strengthening animal forage; Sugarcane; Trees; Truffles, fresh; Trunks of trees; Tuna, live; Turf, natural / sod; Undressed timber; Unprocessed sweet corn ears [husked or unhusked]; Unsawn timber; Vegetable marrows, fresh; Vegetables, fresh; Vine plants; Wheat; Wheat germ for animal consumption; Wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp; Wreaths of natural flowers; Yeast for animal consumption.