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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides


Class 5 includes mainly pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical purposes.

This Class includes:

  • sanitary preparations for personal hygiene, other than toiletries;
  • deodorants other than for personal use;
  • cigarettes without tobacco, for medical purposes.

This Class does not include:

  • sanitary preparations being toiletries (Cl. 3);
  • deodorants for personal use (Cl. 3);
  • supportive bandages (Cl. 10).


Absorbent cotton / absorbent wadding; Acai powder dietary supplements; Acaricides; Acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; Acids for pharmaceutical purposes; Acne treatment preparations; Aconitine; Adhesive plasters / sticking plasters; Adhesives for dentures; Adhesive tapes for medical purposes / adhesive bands for medical purposes; Adjuvants for medical purposes; Air deodorising preparations / air deodorizing preparations; Air purifying preparations; Albumin dietary supplements; Albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; Albuminous preparations for medical purposes; Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; Aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes; Algicides; Alginate dietary supplements; Alginates for pharmaceutical purposes; Alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; Alkaloids for medical purposes; Alloys of precious metals for dental purposes; Almond milk for pharmaceutical purposes; Aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes; Amino acids for medical purposes; Amino acids for veterinary purposes; Anaesthetics; Analgesics; Angostura bark for medical purposes; Animal washes [insecticides]; Anti-uric preparations; Antibacterial handwashes; Antibacterial soap; Antibiotics; Anticryptogamic preparations; Antioxidant pills; Antiparasitic collars for animals; Antiparasitic preparations; Antiseptic cotton; Antiseptics; Appetite suppressant pills; Appetite suppressants for medical purposes; Aseptic cotton; Asthmatic tea; Astringents for medical purposes; Babies' diaper-pants / babies' nappy-pants; Babies' diapers / babies' nappies; Bacterial poisons; Bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use; Bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use; Balms for medical purposes; Balsamic preparations for medical purposes; Bandages for dressings; Barks for pharmaceutical purposes; Bath preparations for medical purposes; Bath salts for medical purposes; Bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes; Biocides; Biological preparations for medical purposes; Biological preparations for veterinary purposes; Biological tissue cultures for medical purposes; Biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes; Bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes; Blood for medical purposes; Blood plasma; Bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes / bone cement for surgical and orthopedic purposes; Bone void fillers comprised of living tissues; Bracelets impregnated with insect repellent; Breast-nursing pads; Bromine for pharmaceutical purposes; Bronchodilating preparations; Bunion pads; By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; Cachets for pharmaceutical purposes; Cachou for pharmaceutical purposes; Calomel [fungicide]; Camphor for medical purposes; Camphor oil for medical purposes; Cannabis for medical purposes / marijuana for medical purposes; Capsules for medicines; Capsules made of dendrimer-based polymers, for pharmaceuticals; Carbolineum [parasiticide]; Casein dietary supplements; Castor oil for medical purposes; Cattle washes [insecticides]; Caustic pencils; Caustics for pharmaceutical purposes; Cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; Cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; Cement for animal hooves; Charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; Chemical contraceptives; Chemical preparations for medical purposes; Chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy; Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting cereal plants; Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting vine plants; Chemical preparations for treating mildew; Chemical preparations for treating phylloxera; Chemical preparations for treating wheat blight / chemical preparations for treating wheat smut; Chemical preparations for veterinary purposes; Chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes; Chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; Chewing gum for medical purposes; Chilblain preparations; Chinoline for medical purposes; Chloroform; Cocaine; Cod liver oil; Collagen for medical purposes; Collodion for pharmaceutical purposes; Collyrium; Compresses; Condurango bark for medical purposes; Contact lens cleaning preparations; Contraceptive sponges; Cooling sprays for medical purposes; Corn remedies; Corn rings for the feet; Cotton for medical purposes; Cotton sticks for medical purposes / cotton swabs for medical purposes; Cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; Creosote for pharmaceutical purposes; Croton bark; Crystallized rock sugar for medical purposes; Cultures of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use; Curare; Decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes; Dental amalgams; Dental amalgams of gold; Dental cements; Dental impression materials; Dental lacquer; Dental mastics; Deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals; Deodorants for clothing and textiles; Deodorizers for litter trays / deodorisers for litter trays; Depuratives; Detergents for medical purposes; Diabetic bread adapted for medical use; Diagnostic biomarker reagents for medical purposes; Diagnostic preparations for medical purposes; Diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes; Diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies / nappy changing mats, disposable, for babies; Diapers for incontinence; Diapers for pets; Diastase for medical purposes; Dietary fiber / dietary fibre; Dietary supplements for animals; Dietary supplements with a cosmetic effect; Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; Digitalin; Dill oil for medical purposes; Disinfectants; Disinfectants for chemical toilets; Disinfectants for hygiene purposes; Disinfectant soap; Dog washes [insecticides]; Douching preparations for medical purposes; Dressings, medical; Drugs for medical purposes; Elixirs [pharmaceutical preparations]; Enzyme dietary supplements; Enzyme preparations for medical purposes; Enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes; Enzymes for medical purposes; Enzymes for veterinary purposes; Ergot for pharmaceutical purposes; Esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; Eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes; Eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; Extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes; Eyepatches for medical purposes; Febrifuges; Fennel for medical purposes; Ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; First-aid boxes, filled; Fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Flour for pharmaceutical purposes / meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Flowers of sulfur for pharmaceutical purposes; Fly catching paper; Fly destroying preparations; Fly glue / fly catching adhesives; Food for babies; Formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes; Freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes / lyophilized food adapted for medical purposes / lyophilised food adapted for medical purposes; Freeze-dried meat adapted for medical purposes / lyophilized meat adapted for medical purposes / lyophilised meat adapted for medical purposes; Frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes; Fumigating sticks / fumigating pastilles; Fumigation preparations for medical purposes; Fungicides; Gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes; Gamboge for medical purposes; Gases for medical purposes; Gauze for dressings; Gelatine for medical purposes; Gentian for pharmaceutical purposes; Germicides; Glucose dietary supplements; Glucose for medical purposes; Glycerine for medical purposes; Glycerophosphates; Greases for medical purposes; Greases for veterinary purposes; Guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes; Gum for medical purposes; Gurjun balsam for medical purposes; Headache relief sticks; Hematogen / haematogen; Hemoglobin / haemoglobin; Hemorrhoid preparations / haemorrhoid preparations; Hemostatic pencils / haemostatic pencils; Herbal extracts for medical purposes; Herbal teas for medicinal purposes; Herbicides / weedkillers / preparations for destroying noxious plants; Homogenized food adapted for medical purposes / homogenised food adapted for medical purposes; Hormones for medical purposes; Hydrastine; Hydrastinine; Hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; Hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes; Immunostimulants; Infant formula; Injectable dermal fillers; Insecticidal animal shampoos; Insecticidal veterinary washes; Insecticides; Insect repellent incense; Insect repellents; Iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; Iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; Iodoform; Irish moss for medical purposes; Isotopes for medical purposes; Jalap; Jujube, medicated; Lacteal flour for babies; Lactose for pharmaceutical purposes / milk sugar for pharmaceutical purposes; Larvae exterminating preparations; Laxatives; Lead water / Goulard water; Lecithin dietary supplements; Lecithin for medical purposes; Leeches for medical purposes; Lice treatment preparations [pediculicides]; Lime-based pharmaceutical preparations; Liniments; Linseed dietary supplements / flaxseed dietary supplements; Linseed for pharmaceutical purposes / flaxseed for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes / flaxseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed oil dietary supplements / flaxseed oil dietary supplements; Lint for medical purposes; Liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; Lotions for pharmaceutical purposes; Lotions for veterinary purposes; Lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes; Magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes; Malted milk beverages for medical purposes; Malt for pharmaceutical purposes; Mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes; Massage candles for therapeutic purposes; Massage gels for medical purposes; Media for bacteriological cultures / bouillons for bacteriological cultures / bacteriological culture mediums; Medical preparations for slimming purposes; Medicated after-shave lotions; Medicated animal feed; Medicated candies / medicated sweets; Medicated dentifrices; Medicated dry shampoos; Medicated eye-washes; Medicated hair lotions; Medicated shampoos; Medicated shampoos for pets; Medicated soap; Medicated toiletry preparations; Medicated toothpaste; Medicinal alcohol; Medicinal drinks; Medicinal hair growth preparations; Medicinal herbs; Medicinal infusions; Medicinal mud / medicinal sediment [mud]; Medicinal oils; Medicinal roots; Medicinal tea; Medicine cases, portable, filled; Medicines for alleviating constipation; Medicines for dental purposes; Medicines for human purposes; Medicines for veterinary purposes; Melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes; Menthol; Mercurial ointments; Milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; Milking grease; Mineral food supplements; Mineral water salts; Mineral waters for medical purposes; Mint for pharmaceutical purposes; Molding wax for dentists / moulding wax for dentists; Moleskin for medical purposes; Mothproofing paper / mothproof paper; Mothproofing preparations; Mouthwashes for medical purposes; Mud for baths; Mustard for pharmaceutical purposes; Mustard oil for medical purposes; Mustard plasters / mustard poultices; Myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes; Narcotics; Nervines; Nicotine gum for use as an aid to stop smoking; Nicotine patches for use as aids to stop smoking; Nutraceutical preparations for therapeutic or medical purposes; Nutritional supplements; Nutritive substances for microorganisms; Oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; Ointments for pharmaceutical purposes; Opiates; Opium; Opodeldoc; Opotherapy preparations / organotherapy preparations; Oxygen baths; Oxygen cylinders, filled, for medical purposes; Oxygen for medical purposes; Pants, absorbent, for incontinence; Panty liners [sanitary]; Paper for mustard plasters / paper for mustard poultices; Parasiticides; Pastilles for pharmaceutical purposes / lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes; Pearl powder for medical purposes; Pectin for pharmaceutical purposes; Pediculicidal shampoos; Pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes; Peptones for pharmaceutical purposes; Personal sexual lubricants; Pesticides; Petroleum jelly for medical purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating sunburn; Pharmaceuticals; Phenol for pharmaceutical purposes; Phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes; Phytotherapy preparations for medical purposes; Plant extracts for pharmaceutical purposes; Poisons; Pollen dietary supplements; Pomades for medical purposes; Porcelain for dental prostheses; Potassium salts for medical purposes; Poultices; Powdered milk for babies; Powder of cantharides; Pre-filled syringes for medical purposes; Preparations for callouses; Preparations for destroying dry rot fungus; Preparations for destroying mice; Preparations for destroying noxious animals; Preparations for reducing sexual activity; Preparations for the treatment of burns; Preparations of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use; Preparations of trace elements for human and animal use; Preparations to facilitate teething; Propolis dietary supplements; Propolis for pharmaceutical purposes; Protein dietary supplements; Protein supplements for animals; Purgatives / evacuants; Pyrethrum powder; Quassia for medical purposes; Quebracho for medical purposes; Quinine for medical purposes; Quinquina for medical purposes / cinchona for medical purposes; Radioactive substances for medical purposes; Radiological contrast substances for medical purposes; Radium for medical purposes; Rat poison; Reagent paper for medical purposes; Reagent paper for veterinary purposes; Remedies for foot perspiration; Remedies for perspiration; Repellents for dogs; Rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical purposes; Royal jelly dietary supplements; Royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes; Rubber for dental purposes; Salts for medical purposes; Salts for mineral water baths; Sanitary panties / menstruation knickers / sanitary knickers / sanitary pants; Sanitary tampons / menstruation tampons; Sanitary towels / sanitary napkins / sanitary pads; Sarsaparilla for medical purposes; Scapulars for surgical purposes; Seawater for medicinal bathing; Sedatives / tranquillizers; Semen for artificial insemination; Serotherapeutic medicines; Serums; Sexual stimulant gels; Siccatives [drying agents] for medical purposes; Slimming pills; Slug exterminating preparations; Smelling salts; Smoking herbs for medical purposes; Sodium salts for medical purposes; Soil-sterilising preparations / soil-sterilizing preparations; Solutions for contact lenses / solutions for use with contact lenses; Solvents for removing adhesive plasters; Soporifics; Starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; Stem cells for medical purposes; Stem cells for veterinary purposes; Sterilising preparations / sterilizing preparations; Steroids; Stick liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; Strychnine; Styptic preparations; Sugar for medical purposes; Sulfonamides [medicines]; Sulfur sticks [disinfectants]; Sunburn ointments; Suppositories; Surgical dressings; Surgical glues; Surgical implants comprised of living tissues; Swim diapers, disposable, for babies / swim nappies, disposable, for babies; Swim diapers, reusable, for babies / swim nappies, reusable, for babies; Syrups for pharmaceutical purposes; Tanning pills; Tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; Teeth filling material; Therapeutic preparations for the bath; Thermal water; Thymol for pharmaceutical purposes; Tincture of iodine; Tinctures for medical purposes; Tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; Tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes; Tobacco extracts [insecticides]; Tonics [medicines]; Transplants [living tissues]; Turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; Vaccines; Vaginal washes for medical purposes; Vermifuges / anthelmintics; Vermin destroying preparations; Vesicants; Veterinary preparations; Vitamin preparations*; Vitamin supplement patches; Vulnerary sponges; Wadding for medical purposes; Wart pencils; Wheat germ dietary supplements; Yeast dietary supplements; Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes.