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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition ¹ 10


The Nice Classification


Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides


Class 5 includes mainly pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical purposes.

This Class includes:

  • sanitary preparations for personal hygiene, other than toiletries;
  • deodorants other than for personal use;
  • cigarettes without tobacco, for medical purposes.

This Class does not include:

  • sanitary preparations being toiletries (Cl. 3);
  • deodorants for personal use (Cl. 3);
  • supportive bandages (Cl. 10).


Abrasives (dental —); absorbent cotton; absorbent wadding; acaricides; acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; acids for pharmaceutical purposes; aconitine; adhesive bands for medical purposes; adhesive plaster; adhesive tapes for medical purposes; adhesives (fly catching —); adhesives for dentures; adjuvants for medical purposes; air deodorising preparations; air purifying preparations; albumin dietary supplements; albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; albuminous preparations for medical purposes; alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes; algicides; alginate dietary supplements; alginates for pharmaceutical purposes; alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; alkaloids for medical purposes; alloys of precious metals for dental purposes; almonds (milk of —) for pharmaceutical purposes; aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes; amalgams (dental —); amino acids for medical purposes; amino acids for veterinary purposes; anaesthetics; analgesics; angostura bark for medical purposes; animal washes; anthelmintics; antibiotics; anticryptogamic preparations; antioxidant pills; antiparasitic collars for animals; antiparasitic preparations; anti-rheumatism bracelets; anti-rheumatism rings; antiseptic cotton; antiseptics; anti-uric preparations; appetite suppressant pills; appetite suppressants for medical purposes; aseptic cotton; asthmatic tea; babies' napkin-pants [diaper-pants]; bacterial poisons; bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological cultures (bouillons for —); bacteriological cultures (media for —); bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use; balms for medical purposes; balsamic preparations for medical purposes; bandages for dressings; bandages (hygienic —); bandages (menstruation —); bands (adhesive —), for medical purposes; barks for pharmaceutical purposes; bath preparations, medicated; bath salts for medical purposes; bath (therapeutic preparations for the —); baths (oxygen —); baths (salts for mineral water —); belts for sanitary napkins [towels]; bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes; biocides; biological preparations for medical purposes; biological preparations for veterinary purposes; biological tissue cultures for medical purposes; biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes; bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes; blood for medical purposes; blood plasma; bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes; bouillons for bacteriological cultures; bracelets for medical purposes; bread (diabetic —) adapted for medical use; breast-nursing pads; bromine for pharmaceutical purposes; bronchodilating preparations; bunion pads; burns (preparations for the treatment of —); by-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; cachets for pharmaceutical purposes; cachou for pharmaceutical purposes; callouses (preparations for —); calomel; camphor for medical purposes; camphor oil for medical purposes; candy for medical purposes; candy, medicated; cantharides (powder of —); capsules for medicines; capsules for pharmaceutical purposes; carbolineum [parasiticide]; casein dietary supplements; castor oil for medical purposes; cattle washes; caustic pencils; caustics for pharmaceutical purposes; cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes; cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; cement for animal hooves; charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes; chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; chemical preparations for medical purposes; chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; chemical preparations for veterinary purposes; chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes; chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; chewing gum for medical purposes; chilblain preparations; chinoline for medical purposes; chloroform; cigarettes (tobacco-free —) for medical purposes; cinchona for medical purposes; cleaning preparations (contact lens —); clothing (deodorants for —) and textiles; cocaine; cod liver oil; collars for animals (antiparasitic —); collodion for pharmaceutical purposes; collyrium; compresses; conductors (chemical —) for electrocardiograph electrodes; condurango bark for medical purposes; confectionery, medicated; constipation (medicines for alleviating —); contact lens cleaning preparations; contact lenses (solutions for use with —); contraceptives (chemical —); cooling sprays for medical purposes; corn remedies; corn rings for the feet; cotton for medical purposes; court plaster; cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; creosote for pharmaceutical purposes; croton bark; cultures of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use; curare; dandruff (pharmaceutical preparations for treating —); decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes; dental abrasives; dental amalgams; dental cements; dental impression materials; dental lacquer; dental mastics; dentures (adhesives for —); deodorants for clothing and textiles; deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals; depuratives; detergents for medical purposes; diabetic bread adapted for medical use; diagnosis of pregnancy (chemical preparations for the —); diagnostic preparations for medical purposes; diaper-pants (babies' —); diapers [babies' napkins]; diastase for medical purposes; dietary supplements for animals; dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; dietetic substances adapted for medical use; digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; digitalin; dill oil for medical purposes; disinfectants for chemical toilets; disinfectants for hygiene purposes; dog lotions; dog washes; dogs (repellents for —); douching preparations for medical purposes; dressings, medical; dressings (surgical —); drinks (medicinal —); drugs for medical purposes; dry rot fungus (preparations for destroying —); electrocardiograph electrodes (chemical conductors for —); electrodes (chemical conductors for electrocardiograph —); elixirs [pharmaceutical preparations]; enzyme dietary supplements; enzyme preparations for medical purposes; enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes; enzymes for medical purposes; enzymes for veterinary purposes; ergot for pharmaceutical purposes; esters for pharmaceutical purposes; ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes; eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; evacuants; eyepatches for medical purposes; eye-washes; febrifuges; fennel for medical purposes; ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; ferments (milk —) for pharmaceutical purposes; fiber (dietary —); fibre (dietary —); first-aid boxes, filled; fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes; flaxseed dietary supplements; flaxseed for pharmaceutical purposes; flaxseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; flaxseed oil dietary supplements; flour for pharmaceutical purposes; flowers of sulphur for pharmaceutical purposes; fly catching adhesives; fly catching paper; fly destroying preparations; fly glue; food for babies; foot perspiration (remedies for —); formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes; frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes; fumigating pastilles; fumigating sticks; fumigation preparations for medical purposes; fungicides; gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes; gamboge for medical purposes; gases for medical purposes; gauze for dressings; gelatine for medical purposes; gentian for pharmaceutical purposes; germicides; glucose dietary supplements; glucose for medical purposes; glue (fly —); glycerine for medical purposes; glycerophosphates; gold (dental amalgams of —); goulard water; greases for medical purposes; greases for veterinary purposes; guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes; gum for medical purposes; gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] balsam for medical purposes; haematogen; haemoglobin; haemostatic pencils; hair growth preparations (medicinal —); headache (articles for —); headache pencils; hematogen; hemoglobin; hemorrhoid preparations; hemostatic pencils; herbal teas for medicinal purposes; herbicides; herbs (medicinal —); herbs (smoking —) for medical purposes; hooves (cement for animal —); hops (extracts of —) for pharmaceutical purposes; hormones for medical purposes; hydrastine; hydrastinine; hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes; hygienic bandages; implants (surgical —) [living tissues]; incense (insect repellent —); incontinents (napkins for —); incontinents (pants, absorbent, for —); infusions (medicinal —); insect repellent incense; insect repellents; insecticides; insemination (semen for artificial —); iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; iodoform; irish moss for medical purposes; isotopes for medical purposes; jalap; jelly (petroleum —) for medical purposes; jujube, medicated; knickers (menstruation —); knickers (sanitary —); lacquer (dental —); lacteal flour for babies; lactose for pharmaceutical purposes; larvae exterminating preparations; laxatives; lead water; lecithin dietary supplements; lecithin for medical purposes; leeches for medical purposes; lime (preparations of —) for pharmaceutical purposes; liniments; linseed dietary supplements; linseed for pharmaceutical purposes; linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; linseed oil dietary supplements; lint for medical purposes; liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; lotions for pharmaceutical purposes; lotions for veterinary purposes; lotions (tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical —); lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes; lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes; magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes; malt for pharmaceutical purposes; malted milk beverages for medical purposes; mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes; mastics (dental —); meal for pharmaceutical purposes; media for bacteriological cultures; medicinal alcohol; medicinal drinks; medicinal hair growth preparations; medicinal herbs; medicinal infusions; medicinal oils; medicinal roots; medicinal tea; medicine cases, portable, filled; medicines for dental purposes; medicines for human purposes; medicines for veterinary purposes; mediums (bacteriological culture —); melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes; menstruation bandages; menstruation knickers; menstruation tampons; menthol; mercurial ointments; mice (preparations for destroying —); microorganisms (cultures of —) for medical and veterinary use; microorganisms (nutritive substances for —); microorganisms (preparations of —) for medical and veterinary use; mildew (chemical preparations to treat —); milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; milk of almonds for pharmaceutical purposes; milk sugar for pharmaceutical purposes; milking grease; mineral food supplements; mineral water salts; mineral waters for medical purposes; mint for pharmaceutical purposes; molding wax for dentists; moleskin for medical purposes; moss (irish —) for medical purposes; mothproofing paper; mothproofing preparations; moulding wax for dentists; mouthwashes for medical purposes; mud for baths; mud (medicinal —); mustard for pharmaceutical purposes; mustard oil for medical purposes; mustard plasters; mustard poultices; myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes; napkin-pants (babies' —); napkins (babies' —) [diapers]; napkins for incontinents; narcotics; nervines; noxious animals (preparations for destroying —); noxious plants (preparations for destroying —); nutritional supplements; nutritive substances for microorganisms; oil (cod liver —); oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; oils (medicinal —); ointments for pharmaceutical purposes; opiates; opium; opodeldoc; opotherapy preparations; organotherapy preparations; oxygen baths; oxygen for medical purposes; pads (breast-nursing —); pads (bunion —); panties (sanitary —); pants, absorbent, for incontinents; pants (sanitary —); panty liners [sanitary]; paper for mustard plasters; paper for mustard poultices; paper (mothproof —); parasiticides; pastilles for pharmaceutical purposes; pastilles (fumigating —); pearl powder for medical purposes; pectin for pharmaceutical purposes; pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes; peptones for pharmaceutical purposes; personal sexual lubricants; pesticides; petroleum jelly for medical purposes; pharmaceutical preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff; phenol for pharmaceutical purposes; phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes; phylloxera (chemical preparations for treating —); plants (preparations for destroying noxious —); plasma (blood —); plasters for medical purposes; plasters (mustard —); poisons; pollen dietary supplements; pomades for medical purposes; porcelain for dental prostheses; potassium salts for medical purposes; poultices; poultices (mustard —); powder of cantharides; pregnancy (chemical preparations for the diagnosis of —); propolis dietary supplements; propolis for pharmaceutical purposes; protein dietary supplements; protein supplements for animals; purgatives; pyrethrum powder; quassia for medical purposes; quebracho for medical purposes; quinine for medical purposes; quinquina for medical purposes; radioactive substances for medical purposes; radiological contrast substances for medical purposes; radium for medical purposes; rat poison; reagents (chemical —) for medical or veterinary purposes; reducing sexual activity (preparations for —); remedies for foot perspiration; remedies for perspiration; repellents for dogs; repellents (insect —); rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical purposes; rings (anti-rheumatism —); roots (medicinal —); royal jelly dietary supplements; royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes; rubber for dental purposes; salts for medical purposes; salts for mineral water baths; salts (mineral water —); sanitary knickers; sanitary napkins; sanitary pads; sanitary panties; sanitary tampons; sanitary towels; sarsaparilla for medical purposes; scapulars for surgical purposes; sea water for medicinal bathing; sedatives; sediment (medicinal —) [mud]; semen for artificial insemination; serotherapeutic medicines; serums; siccatives [drying agents] for medical purposes; skin care (pharmaceutical preparations for —); slimming pills; slimming purposes (medical preparations for —); slug exterminating preparations; smelling salts; smoking herbs for medical purposes; sodium salts for medical purposes; soil-sterilising preparations; solutions for contact lenses; solvents for removing adhesive plasters; soporifics; sponges (vulnerary —); starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; stem cells for medical purposes; stem cells for veterinary purposes; sterilising preparations; sterilising (soil—) preparations; steroids; stick liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; sticking plasters; sticks (fumigating —); sticks (sulphur —) [disinfectants]; strychnine; styptic preparations; sugar for medical purposes; sulphonamides [medicines]; sulphur sticks [disinfectants]; sunburn ointments; sunburn preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; suppositories; surgical cloth [tissues]; surgical dressings; surgical implants [living tissues]; surgical tissues; syrups for pharmaceutical purposes; taffeta plasters (gummed —); tanning pills; tapes (adhesive —), for medical purposes; tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; teeth filling material; teething (preparations to facilitate —); textiles (deodorants for clothing and —); thermal water; thymol for pharmaceutical purposes; tincture of iodine; tinctures for medical purposes; tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; tissues (surgical —); tobacco extracts [insecticides]; tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes; tonics [medicines]; towels (sanitary —); trace elements (preparations of —) for human and animal use; tranquillizers; turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; vaccines; vaginal washes; vermifuges; vermin destroying preparations; vesicants; veterinary preparations; vine disease treating chemicals; vitamin preparations; vulnerary sponges; wadding for medical purposes; wart pencils; water (sea —) for medicinal bathing; waters (mineral —) for medical purposes; weedkillers; wheat blight [smut] (chemical preparations to treat —); wheat germ dietary supplements; wheat smut (chemical preparations to treat —); yeast dietary supplements; yeast for pharmaceutical purposes.