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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores.


Class 6 includes mainly unwrought and partly wrought common metals as well as simple products made of them.

This Class does not include:

  • bauxite (Cl. 1);
  • mercury, antimony, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals (Cl. 1);
  • metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists (Cl. 2).


Accordion doors of metal; Acoustic panels of metal; Advertisement columns of metal; Alloys of common metal; Aluminium; Aluminium foil*; Aluminium wire; Anchor plates / tie plates; Anchors*; Angle irons of metal; Anti-friction metal; Anvils; Anvils [portable]; Arbours [structures] of metal; Armored doors of metal / armoured doors of metal; Armour-plating of metal / armor-plating of metal; Aviaries [structures] of metal; Badges of metal for vehicles; Bag hangers of metal; Balls of steel; Balustrades of metal; Barbed wire; Barrel hoops of metal; Barrels of metal; Bars for metal railings; Baskets of metal; Bathtub grab bars of metal; Beacons of metal, non-luminous; Beak-irons / bick-irons; Beams of metal/girders of metal; Bed casters of metal; Bells*; Bells for animals; Belt stretchers of metal; Beryllium [glucinium] / glucinium [beryllium]; Bicycle parking installations of metal; Binding screws of metal for cables; Bindings of metal; Binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; Bird baths [structures] of metal; Blooms [metallurgy]; Bolts, flat; Bolts of metal; Bottle caps of metal; Bottle closures of metal / bottle fasteners of metal; Bottles [containers] of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; Boxes of common metal; Box fasteners of metal; Braces of metal for handling loads / harness of metal for handling loads; Brackets of metal for building; Brackets of metal for furniture; Branching pipes of metal; Brass, unwrought or semi-wrought; Brazing alloys; Bright steel bars; Bronze; Bronzes [works of art]; Buckles of common metal [hardware]; Building materials of metal; Building panels of metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Buildings of metal; Bungs of metal / plugs of metal; Burial vaults of metal; Busts of common metal; Cabanas of metal; Cable joints of metal, non-electric / cable linkages of metal, non-electric; Cables of metal, non-electric; Cadmium; Casement windows of metal; Cashboxes [metal or non-metal]; Casings of metal for oilwells; Casks of metal; Cask stands of metal; Cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Cast steel; Cattle chains; Ceilings of metal; Cermets; Chains of metal*; Chests of metal / bins of metal; Chicken-houses of metal; Chill-molds [foundry] / chill-moulds [foundry]; Chimney cowls of metal; Chimney pots of metal; Chimney shafts of metal; Chimneys of metal; Chrome iron; Chrome ores; Chromium; Cladding of metal for building; Clips of metal for cables and pipes; Clips of metal for sealing bags; Closures of metal for containers; Clothes hooks of metal; Cobalt, raw; Collars of metal for fastening pipes; Common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; Containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; Containers of metal for liquid fuel; Containers of metal for storing acids; Containers of metal [storage, transport]; Copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; Copper rings; Copper wire, not insulated; Cornices of metal; Cotter pins of metal; Couplings of metal for chains; Crampons of metal [cramps] / cramps of metal [crampons]; Crampons [climbing irons]; Crash barriers of metal for roads; Crucifixes of common metal, other than jewellery / crucifixes of common metal, other than jewelry; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal; Diving boards of metal; Door bells of metal, non-electric; Door bolts of metal; Door closers of metal, non-electric / door springs of metal, non-electric; Door fasteners of metal; Door fittings of metal; Door frames of metal / door casings of metal; Door handles of metal; Door knockers of metal; Door openers of metal, non-electric; Door panels of metal; Door scrapers; Doors of metal*; Door stops of metal; Drain pipes of metal; Drain traps [valves] of metal; Drawn and polished metal bars; Duckboards of metal; Ducts of metal, for central heating installations / pipes of metal, for central heating installations / ducts and pipes of metal for central heating installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations; Elbows of metal for pipes; Enclosures of metal for tombs; Eye bolts / screw rings; Fences of metal; Ferrules of metal; Ferrules of metal for handles; Ferrules of metal for walking sticks; Figurines of common metal / statuettes of common metal; Filings of metal; Firedogs [andirons]; Fireplace grates of metal; Fireplace mantles of metal; Fish plates [rails]; Fittings of metal for beds; Fittings of metal for building; Fittings of metal for coffins; Fittings of metal for compressed air lines; Fittings of metal for furniture; Fittings of metal for windows; Flagpoles [structures] of metal; Flanges of metal [collars]; Flashing of metal for building; Floating containers of metal; Floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; Floors of metal; Floor tiles of metal; Foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; Folding doors of metal; Foundry moulds of metal / foundry molds of metal; Frames of metal for building; Framework of metal for building; Furnace fireguards of metal; Furniture casters of metal; Galena [ore]; Gates of metal; Germanium; Gold solder; Grave slabs of metal / tomb slabs of metal; Grease nipples; Greenhouse frames of metal; Greenhouses of metal, transportable; Grilles of metal / gratings of metal; Guard rails of metal for railways / check rails of metal for railways; Gutter pipes of metal; Hafnium [celtium] / celtium [hafnium]; Hand-held flagpoles of metal; Handcuffs; Handling pallets of metal; Hardware* of metal, small / ironmongery*; Hinges of metal; Hooks of metal for clothes rails; Hooks of metal for roofing slates; Hooks [metal hardware]; Hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; Horseshoe nails; Horticultural frames of metal / cold frames of metal; Hot-rolled steel bars; House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Ice moulds of metal; Identification bracelets of metal; Identity plates of metal / nameplates of metal; Indium; Ingots of common metal; Insect screens of metal; Iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Iron ores; Iron slabs; Iron strip / hoop iron; Iron wire; Ironwork for doors; Ironwork for windows; Jalousies of metal; Jerrycans of metal; Jets of metal; Joists of metal; Junctions of metal for pipes; Keys of metal; Knobs of metal; Labels of metal; Ladders of metal; Latch bars of metal; Latches of metal; Laths of metal; Latticework of metal / trellis of metal; Lead, unwrought or semi-wrought; Lead seals; Letter boxes of metal; Letters and numerals of common metal, except type; Limonite; Linings of metal for building; Lintels of metal; Loading gauge rods of metal for railway wagons; Loading pallets of metal; Lock bolts; Locks of metal, other than electric; Locks of metal for bags; Locks of metal for vehicles; Machine belt fasteners of metal; Magnesium; Manganese; Manhole covers of metal; Manifolds of metal for pipelines; Masts of metal; Materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways; Memorial plates of metal / memorial plaques of metal; Metal cages for wild animals; Metal ramps for use with vehicles; Metals in foil or powder form for 3D printers; Metals in powder form*; Mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers; Moldings of metal for cornices / mouldings of metal for cornices; Molybdenum; Molybdenum iron; Monuments of bronze for tombs / bronzes for tombstones; Monuments of metal; Monuments of metal for tombs; Mooring bollards of metal; Mooring buoys of metal; Mouldings of metal for building / moldings of metal for building; Nails; Nickel; Nickel silver / German silver; Niobium; Nozzles of metal; Nuts of metal; Oil drainage containers of metal; Ores of metal; Outdoor blinds of metal; Packaging containers of metal; Padlocks of metal, other than electronic; Paint spraying booths of metal / booths of metal for spraying paint; Palings of metal; Pantiles of metal; Partitions of metal; Paving blocks of metal; Paving slabs of metal; Peeled metal bars; Pegs of metal; Penstock pipes of metal; Pigsties of metal; Pillars of metal for building; Pins [hardware]; Pipe muffs of metal; Pipes of metal / tubes of metal; Pipework of metal; Pitons of metal; Platforms, prefabricated, of metal; Poles of metal; Poles of metal for power lines / posts of metal for power lines; Porches [structures] of metal; Posts of metal; Pot hooks of metal; Prefabricated houses [kits] of metal; Props of metal; Pulleys of metal, other than for machines; Pyrophoric metals; Railroad ties of metal / railway sleepers of metal; Rails of metal; Railway material of metal; Railway points / railway switches; Reels of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Refractory construction materials of metal; Registration plates of metal / numberplates of metal; Reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; Reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; Rings of metal* / stop collars of metal*; Rivets of metal; Road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Rocket launching platforms of metal; Rods of metal for brazing; Rods of metal for brazing and welding; Rods of metal for welding; Roller blinds of steel; Roof coverings of metal; Roof flashing of metal; Roof gutters of metal; Roofing of metal; Roofing of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells; Roofing tiles of metal; Ropes of metal; Rope thimbles of metal; Runners of metal for sliding doors; Safes, electronic; Safes [metal or non-metal] / strongboxes [metal or non-metal]; Safety cashboxes; Safety chains of metal; Sash fasteners of metal for windows; Sash pulleys of metal / window pulleys of metal; Scaffolding of metal; Screws of metal; Screw tops of metal for bottles; Sealing caps of metal; Sheaf binders of metal; Sheet piles of metal / pilings of metal; Sheets and plates of metal; Shims; Shoe dowels of metal; Shoe pegs of metal; Shuttering of metal for concrete; Shutters of metal; Signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Signboards of metal; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Silicon iron; Sills of metal; Silos of metal; Silver-plated tin alloys; Silver solder; Skating rinks [structures] of metal; Slabs of metal for building; Sleeves [metal hardware]; Slings of metal for handling loads; Soldering wire of metal; Soundproof booths of metal, transportable; Split rings of common metal for keys; Spring locks; Springs [metal hardware]; Spurs; Stables of metal; Staircases of metal; Stair treads [steps] of metal; Stakes of metal for plants or trees; Statues of common metal; Steel, unwrought or semi-wrought; Steel alloys; Steel buildings; Steel masts; Steel pipes / steel tubes; Steel sheets; Steel strip / hoop steel; Steel wire; Step stools of metal; Steps [ladders] of metal; Stoppers of metal; Stops of metal; Strap-hinges of metal; Straps of metal for handling loads / belts of metal for handling loads; Street gutters of metal; Stretchers for iron bands [tension links]; Stretchers for metal bands [tension links]; Stringers [parts of staircases] of metal; Swimming pools [structures] of metal; Swing doors of metal; Tacks [nails] / brads; Tanks of metal / reservoirs of metal; Tantalum [metal]; Taps of metal for casks / faucets of metal for casks; Telegraph posts of metal; Telephone booths of metal / telephone boxes of metal; Telpher cables; Tension links; Tent pegs of metal; Thread of metal for tying-up purposes; Tile floorings of metal; Tiles of metal for building; Tin; Tin cans / preserve tins; Tinfoil; Tinplate; Tinplate packings; Titanium; Titanium iron / ferrotitanium; Tombac; Tombs of metal; Tombstone plaques of metal; Tombstone stelae of metal; Tool boxes of metal, empty; Tool chests of metal, empty; Towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; Transport pallets of metal; Traps for wild animals*; Trays of metal*; Tree protectors of metal; Troughs of metal for mixing mortar; Tubbing of metal; Tungsten; Tungsten iron; Turnstiles of metal; Turntables [railways]; Valves of metal, other than parts of machines; Vanadium; Vats of metal; Vice claws of metal; Wainscotting of metal; Wall claddings of metal for building; Wall linings of metal for building; Wall plugs of metal; Wall tiles of metal; Washers of metal; Water-pipes of metal; Water-pipe valves of metal; Weather- or wind-vanes of metal / weather vanes of metal / wind vanes of metal; Wheel clamps [boots]; White metal; Wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; Winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Window casement bolts; Window closers, non-electric; Window fasteners of metal; Window frames of metal; Window openers of metal, non-electric; Windows of metal; Window stops of metal; Wire cloth / wire gauze; Wire of common metal; Wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire; Wire rope; Wire stretchers [tension links]; Works of art of common metal; Wrapping or binding bands of metal / bands of metal for tying-up purposes; Zinc; Zirconium.