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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Hand tools and implements (hand-operated); cutlery; side arms; razors.


Class 8 includes mainly hand-operated implements used as tools in the respective professions.

This Class includes:

  • cutlery of precious metals;
  • electric razors and clippers (hand instruments).

This Class does not include:

  • certain special instruments (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • machine tools and implements driven by a motor (Cl. 7);
  • surgical cutlery (Cl. 10);
  • paper knives (Cl. 16);
  • fencing weapons (Cl. 28).


Abrading instruments [hand instruments]; Adzes [tools]; Agricultural forks [hand tools]; Agricultural implements, hand-operated; Air pumps, hand-operated; Annular screw plates; Apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated; Apparatus for tattooing; Augers [hand tools]; Awls; Axes; Bayonets; Beard clippers; Bench vices [hand implements]; Bill-hooks; Bits [hand tools]; Bits [parts of hand tools]; Blades for planes; Blade sharpening instruments; Blades [hand tools]; Blades [weapons]; Border shears; Borers; Bow saws; Box cutters; Braiders [hand tools]; Branding irons; Breast drills; Budding knives; Can openers, non-electric / tin openers, non-electric; Carpenters' augers; Carving forks; Carving knives; Cattle shearers; Caulking irons; Centre punches [hand tools]; Ceramic knives; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Chisels; Choppers [knives]; Clamps for carpenters or coopers; Cleavers; Crimping irons; Crow bars; Curling tongs; Cuticle tweezers / cuticle nippers; Cutlery*; Cutter bars [hand tools]; Cutters*; Cutting tools [hand tools]; Daggers; Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric; Dies [hand tools] / screw stocks [hand tools] / screw-thread cutters [hand tools]; Diggers [hand tools]; Ditchers [hand tools]; Drawing knives; Drill holders [hand tools]; Ear-piercing apparatus; Earth rammers [hand tools]; Edge tools [hand tools]; Egg slicers, non-electric; Embossers [hand tools]; Emergency hammers; Emery boards; Emery files; Emery grinding wheels; Engraving needles; Expanders [hand tools]; Extension pieces for braces for screw taps; Eyelash curlers; Farriers' knives; Files [tools]; Fingernail polishers, electric or non-electric / nail buffers, electric or non-electric; Fire irons; Fireplace bellows [hand tools]; Fish tapes [hand tools] / draw wires [hand tools]; Flat irons; Foundry ladles [hand tools]; Frames for handsaws; Fruit corers; Fruit pickers [hand tools]; Fruit segmenters; Fullers [hand tools]; Fulling tools [hand tools]; Garden tools, hand-operated; Gimlets [hand tools]; Glaziers' diamonds [parts of hand tools]; Goffering irons; Gouges [hand tools]; Grafting tools [hand tools]; Graving tools [hand tools]; Grindstones [hand tools] / sharpening wheels [hand tools]; Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; Guns [hand tools]; Hackles [hand tools]; Hainault scythes; Hair-removing tweezers; Hair braiders, electric; Hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Hammers [hand tools]; Hand drills, hand-operated; Hand implements for hair curling; Handles for hand-operated hand tools; Hand pumps*; Hand tools, hand-operated; Harpoons; Harpoons for fishing; Hatchets; Hobby knives [scalpels]; Hoes [hand tools]; Holing axes / mortise axes; Hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]; Hoop cutters [hand tools]; Hunting knives; Ice picks; Implements for decanting liquids [hand tools]; Insecticide sprayers [hand tools] / insecticide vaporizers [hand tools] / insecticide atomizers [hand tools]; Instruments and tools for skinning animals; Instruments for punching tickets; Irons [non-electric hand tools]; Jig-saws; Kitchen mandolines; Knife handles; Knives*; Ladles [hand tools]; Laser hair removal apparatus, other than for medical purposes; Lasts [shoemakers' hand tools]; Lawn clippers [hand instruments]; Leather strops; Levers; Lifting jacks, hand-operated; Livestock marking tools / cattle marking tools; Machetes; Mallets [hand instruments]; Manicure sets; Manicure sets, electric; Marline spikes; Masons' hammers; Mattocks; Meat claws; Metal band stretchers [hand tools]; Metal wire stretchers [hand tools]; Milling cutters [hand tools]; Mincing knives [hand tools] / fleshing knives [hand tools] / meat choppers [hand tools]; Mitre boxes [hand tools] / miter boxes [hand tools]; Molding irons / moulding irons; Money scoops; Mortars for pounding [hand tools]; Mortise chisels; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Nail drawers [hand tools]; Nail extractors, hand-operated/nail pullers, hand-operated; Nail files; Nail files, electric; Nail nippers; Nail punches; Needle files; Non-electric caulking guns; Numbering punches; Oyster openers; Palette knives; Paring irons [hand tools]; Paring knives; Pedicure sets; Penknives; Perforating tools [hand tools]; Pestles for pounding [hand tools] / rammers [hand tools]; Pickaxes; Pickhammers / bushhammers; Picks [hand tools]; Pin punches; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Plane irons; Planes; Pliers; Polishing irons [glazing tools] / glazing irons; Priming irons [hand tools]; Pruning knives; Pruning shears; Punches [hand tools]; Punch pliers [hand tools]; Punch rings [knuckle dusters] / knuckle dusters; Rabbeting planes; Rakes [hand tools]; Rams [hand tools]; Rasps [hand tools]; Ratchets [hand tools]; Razor blades; Razor cases; Razors, electric or non-electric; Razor strops; Reamers; Reamer sockets; Riveters [hand tools]; Riveting hammers [hand tools]; Sabres; Sand trap rakes; Saw blades [parts of hand tools]; Saw holders; Saws [hand tools]; Scaling knives; Scissors*; Scrapers for skis; Scrapers [hand tools]; Scraping tools [hand tools]; Screwdrivers, non-electric; Sculptors' chisels; Scythe handles; Scythe rings; Scythes; Scythe stones / whetstones; Secateurs / pruning scissors; Sharpening instruments; Sharpening steels / knife steels; Sharpening stones; Shaving cases; Shear blades; Shearers [hand instruments]; Shears; Shovels [hand tools]; Sickles; Side arms, other than firearms; Silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]; Ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated; Sledgehammers; Spades [hand tools]; Spanners [hand tools] / wrenches [hand tools]; Spatulas for use by artists; Spatulas [hand tools]; Spoons*; Squares [hand tools]; Stamping-out tools [hand tools] / stamps [hand tools]; Sterile body piercing instruments; Stirring sticks for mixing paint; Stone hammers; Stropping instruments; Swords; Sword scabbards; Syringes for spraying insecticides; Table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons] / tableware [knives, forks and spoons]; Table forks; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic; Taps [hand tools]; Tap wrenches; Tattoo needles; Thistle extractors [hand tools]; Tongs / pincers / nippers; Tool belts [holders]; Tree pruners; Trowels; Trowels [gardening]; Truncheons / bludgeons / police batons; Tube cutters [hand tools]; Tube cutting instruments; Tweezers; Vegetable choppers; Vegetable knives; Vegetable peelers, hand-operated; Vegetable slicers, hand-operated / vegetable shredders, hand-operated; Vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated; Vices/vises; Weeding forks [hand tools]; Whetstone holders; Wick trimmers [scissors]; Wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated; Wire strippers [hand tools].