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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification

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This site performs its informative and advisory function both for specialists on trademark registration and for any number of unspecified persons lacking experience and knowledge about specific features of the Nice Classification and wishing to raise the level of their knowledge in this sphere. The site introduces the latest edition of the Nice Classification 11.

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Definition of the Nice Classification

The Nice Classification is a short name for International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks established under the Agreement on Classifications (the Nice Agreement) designed for trademarks registration.

Structure of the Nice Classification

International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks consists of 45 classes: classes of the Nice Classification from 1 to 34 are attributed to goods, and classes from 35 to 45 are services. Names of the classes of the Nice Classification specify in the most general terms those fields to which goods and services are related to. In every class the list of goods and services is given in the alphabetic order from «a» to «z». Explanation to every class is given as supplementary information in the list.

The total volume of the official edition of the Nice Classification 11 is 5 volumes of А4 size (about 1200 pages).

The Classification is worked out in two languages: English and French, with the entirely equal texts. Official texts of the classification are also available in other languages: Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian as well as in other languages which are determined by the Assembly of Special Union, composed of the states signed the Agreement or joined to it.

Guidance on Implementation of the Nice Classification

For more clear classification of an item or service it is advisable to use not only the name of classes but also explanation to them. If it is difficult to classify the goods or service with application of explanations then it is advisable to use the Chapter “General Observations”.

Attribution of a general notion in the list of goods and services to one class leaves open the possibility to use such notion in phrases in this or that class. In such cases the general notion must be marked with an asterix (*).

Explanations contained in square brackets either specify the name of a good or service or are its analogue.

For more single-value estimate of the class when describing goods or services it is advisable to avoid application of general or indistinct notions and be ruled by the terminology, used in the current edition of the Nice Classification in the first place.

General Observations

There are methodical recommendations of Rospatent on compilation of the list of goods and services for which trademarks registration is claimed with criteria simplifying the search for the class in the Nice Classification. Let’s give some explanations:

For goods:

Finished goods are classified based on their purpose or function. In case if the purpose or function are not specified the finished goods shall be classified by analogy to similar items, indicated in the list of goods and services.

Example: dressed sunflower seeds are attributed to 29 class of the Nice Classification whereas raw sunflower seeds are attributed to 31 class of the Nice Classification.
If functions and purposes are not revealed then it is necessary to follow supplementary criteria, such as — material the item made of or the operating principle of the item.

For services:

It is necessary to classify services on the basis of the direction of the activity specified in the title or explanation to the class.

Consultations, advice, information are attributed to the same classes as services which are the object of the consultation itself, for example: construction is attributed to 37 class, correspondently, consultations on construction projects shall be specified in 37 class.

Search by the Nice Classification (Operation with the Site)

Search section is in the upper right corner of the site. In the search field you can write a word or a root of the word, characterizing your good or service. For example, if you are interested in such goods type as low-alcohol beverage — beer, then write “beer” or “bevy”.

Then press the button “Search”. The search will give you the classes of the Nice Classification to which your type of activity (good or service) may be attributed to. Search results may be open in a new window to familiarize you with the content of the class. Number of the class is specified in the title — in case of “beer” that is 32 class.


The given project ( does not implement any commercial purpose. It is designed to help understand International Classification of Goods and Services to those persons who decide to obtain a trademark registration and facing the Nice Classification for the first time, as well as it is a convenient instrument for patent agents and specialists on trademark registration.

With the help of convenient search system on the site it is possible to choose the class of the Nice Classification for goods for which the trademark registration is claimed on one’s own. Please note that selection of the Nice Classification’s classes is a rather difficult process requiring perfect theoretical knowledge and proper experience in this field.

Without a sufficient scope of knowledge on the specific character of the Nice Classification you may make a mistake when selecting classes and consequently register the trademark for classes not relevant for your business that may result in trademark insecurity for the relevant class.

The situation may be improved only after re-registration for the relevant class with extra financial and economic and time expenses.

Thus, it is strongly advised
to turn to the professionals for help!