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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs.


Class 36 includes mainly services rendered in financial and monetary affairs and services rendered in relation to insurance contracts of all kinds.

This Class includes:

  • services relating to financial or monetary affairs comprise the following:
    1. services of all the banking establishments, or institutions connected with them such as exchange brokers or clearing services;
    2. services of credit institutions other than banks such as co-operative credit associations, individual financial companies, lenders, etc.;
    3. services of "investment trusts," of holding companies;
    4. services of brokers dealing in shares and property;
    5. services connected with monetary affairs vouched for by trustees;
    6. services rendered in connection with the issue of travellers' cheques and letters of credit;
  • services of realty administrators of buildings, i.e., services of letting or valuation, or financing;
  • services dealing with insurance such as services rendered by agents or brokers engaged in insurance, services rendered to insured, and insurance underwriting services.


Accident insurance underwriting; Accommodation bureau services [apartments]; Actuarial services; Antique appraisal; Apartment house management; Arranging finance for construction projects; Art appraisal; Bail-bonding; Banking; Brokerage*; Brokerage of carbon credits; Business liquidation services, financial; Capital investment; Charitable fund raising; Cheque verification / check verification; Clearing, financial / clearing-houses, financial; Credit bureau services; Crowdfunding; Debt advisory services; Debt collection agency services; Deposits of valuables; E-wallet payment services; Electronic funds transfer; Electronic transfer of virtual currencies; Exchanging money; Factoring; Financial analysis; Financial appraisals in responding to calls for tenders / financial appraisals in responding to requests for proposals [RFPs]; Financial consultancy; Financial customs brokerage services; Financial evaluation of development costs relating to the oil, gas and mining industries; Financial evaluation of standing timber / financial valuation of standing timber; Financial evaluation of wool / financial valuation of wool; Financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]; Financial exchange of virtual currency; Financial management; Financial management of reimbursement payments for others; Financial research; Financial sponsorship; Financial valuation of intellectual property assets; Financing services; Fire insurance underwriting; Fiscal valuation; Health insurance underwriting; Instalment loans; Insurance brokerage; Insurance consultancy; Insurance underwriting; Investment of funds; Issuance of credit cards; Issuance of tokens of value; Issuance of travelers' checks / issuance of travellers' cheques; Jewellery appraisal / jewelry appraisal; Lease-purchase financing / hire-purchase financing; Lending against security; Life insurance underwriting; Loans [financing]; Marine insurance underwriting; Mortgage banking; Mutual funds; Numismatic appraisal; Online banking; Organization of monetary collections; Pawnbrokerage; Preparation of quotes for cost estimation purposes; Processing of credit card payments; Processing of debit card payments; Provident fund services; Providing financial information; Providing financial information via a website; Providing insurance information; Providing rebates at participating establishments of others through use of a membership card; Real estate affairs; Real estate agency services; Real estate appraisal; Real estate brokerage; Real estate management; Rental of apartments; Rental of farms; Rental of offices for co-working; Rental of offices [real estate]; Rental of real estate; Rent collection; Repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal]; Retirement payment services; Safe deposit services; Savings bank services; Securities brokerage; Stamp appraisal; Stock brokerage services; Stock exchange quotations; Stocks and bonds brokerage; Surety services; Trusteeship / fiduciary.