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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition № 11


The Nice Classification


Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement.


Class 39 includes mainly services rendered in transporting people or goods from one place to another (by rail, road, water, air or pipeline) and services necessarily connected with such transport, as well as services relating to the storing of goods in a warehouse or other building for their preservation or guarding.

This Class includes:

  • services rendered by companies exploiting stations, bridges, rail-road ferries, etc., used by the transporter;
  • services connected with the hiring of transport vehicles;
  • services connected with maritime tugs, unloading, the functioning of ports and docks and the salvaging of wrecked ships and their cargoes;
  • services connected with the functioning of airports;
  • services connected with the packaging and parcelling of goods before dispatch;
  • services consisting of information about journeys or the transport of goods by brokers and tourist agencies, information relating to tariffs, timetables and methods of transport;
  • services relating to the inspection of vehicles or goods before transport.

This Class does not include:

  • services relating to advertising transport undertakings such as the distribution of prospectuses or advertising on the radio (Cl. 35);
  • services relating to the issuing of travellers' cheques or letters of credit by brokers or travel agents (Cl. 36);
  • services relating to insurances (commercial, fire or life) during the transport of persons or goods (Cl. 36);
  • services rendered by the maintenance and repair of vehicles, nor the maintenance or repair of objects connected with the transport of persons or goods (Cl. 37);
  • services relating to reservation of rooms in a hotel by travel agents or brokers (Cl. 43).


Aircraft rental; Air transport; Ambulance transport; Armored-car transport / armoured-car transport; Arranging for travel visas and travel documents for persons travelling abroad; Arranging of cruises; Arranging of passenger transportation services for others via an online application; Arranging of transportation for travel tours; Barge transport; Boat rental; Boat storage; Boat transport; Booking of seats for travel; Bottling services; Bus transport; Car parking; Carpooling services; Car rental; Car sharing services; Carting; Car transport; Cash replenishment of automated teller machines; Chauffeur services; Collection of recyclable goods [transport]; Courier services [messages or merchandise]; Delivery of goods; Delivery of goods by mail order; Delivery of newspapers / newspaper delivery; Distribution of energy; Electricity distribution; Escorting of travellers; Ferry-boat transport; Flower delivery; Franking of mail; Freight brokerage [forwarding (Am.)] / freight brokerage; Freight forwarding; Freighting; Freight [shipping of goods]; Garage rental; Gift wrapping; Guarded transport of valuables; Hauling; Horse rental; Ice-breaking; Launching of satellites for others; Lighterage services; Luggage storage; Marine transport; Message delivery; Motor coach rental; Operating canal locks; Packaging of goods; Parcel delivery; Parking place rental; Passenger transport; Physical storage of electronically stored data or documents; Piloting; Piloting of civilian drones; Pleasure boat transport; Porterage; Providing driving directions for travel purposes; Providing information relating to storage services; Providing traffic information; Providing transportation information; Railway coach rental; Railway transport; Railway truck rental; Refloating of ships; Refrigerator rental / frozen-food locker rental; Removal services; Rental of aircraft engines; Rental of diving bells; Rental of diving suits; Rental of electric wine cellars; Rental of freezers; Rental of motor racing cars; Rental of navigational systems; Rental of storage containers; Rental of tractors; Rental of vehicle roof racks; Rental of warehouses; Rental of wheelchairs; Replenishment of vending machines; Rescue operations [transport]; River transport; Salvage of ships; Salvaging; Shipbrokerage; Stevedoring; Storage / warehousing; Storage of goods; Streetcar transport / tram transport; Taxi transport; Towing; Transport; Transport and storage of trash / transport and storage of waste; Transportation logistics; Transport brokerage; Transport by pipeline; Transporting furniture; Transport of travellers; Transport reservation; Transport services for sightseeing tours; Travel reservation; Underwater salvage; Unloading cargo; Vehicle breakdown towing services; Vehicle rental; Water distribution; Water supplying; Wrapping of goods.