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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition 10


The Nice Classification


Treatment of materials.


Class 40 includes mainly services not included in other classes, rendered by the mechanical or chemical processing or transformation of objects or inorganic or organic substances. For the purposes of classification, the mark is considered a service mark only in cases where processing or transformation is effected for the account of another person. A mark is considered a trade mark in all cases where the substance or object is marketed by the person who processed or transformed it.

This Class includes:

  • services relating to transformation of an object or substance and any process involving a change in its essential properties (for example, dyeing a garment); consequently, a maintenance service, although usually in Class 37, is included in Class 40 if it entails such a change (for example, the chroming of motor vehicle bumpers);
  • services of material treatment which may be present during the production of any substance or object other than a building; for example, services which involve cutting, shaping, polishing by abrasion or metal coating.

This Class does not include:


Abrasion; air conditioning apparatus (rental of ---); air deodorising; air freshening; air purification; alteration (clothing ); animals (slaughtering of); applying finishes to textiles; assembling of materials (custom) for others; blacksmithing; bleaching (fabric); boiler-making; bookbinding; burnishing by abrasion; cadmium plating; chromium plating; cinematographic films (processing of); cloth cutting; cloth dyeing; cloth edging; cloth fireproofing; cloth pre-shrinking; cloth treating; cloth waterproofing; clothing alteration; colour separation services; coppersmithing; crease-resistant treatment for clothing; cryopreservation services; custom assembling of materials for others; custom fashioning of fur; cutting (cloth -); decontamination of hazardous materials; dental technician (services of a ); destruction of waste and trash; development (photographic film ); dressmaking; dyeing (cloth ); dyeing (fur); dyeing services; dyeing (textile ); edging (cloth ); electroplating; embroidery; energy (production of); engraving; fabric bleaching; fabric fireproofing; fabric waterproofing; fireproofing (cloth ); firing pottery; flour milling; food and drink preservation; food smoking; foods (freezing of); framing of works of art; freezing of foods; fruit crushing; fulling of cloth; fur conditioning; fur (custom fashioning of); fur dyeing; fur glossing; fur mothproofing; fur satining; galvanization; gilding; glass-blowing; glossing (fur); gold-plating; grinding; grinding (optical glass ); heating apparatus (rental of space ); incineration of waste and trash; information (material treatment); key cutting; knitting machine rental; laminating; laser scribing; leather staining; leather working; lithographic printing; magnetization; material treatment information; metal casting; metal plating; metal tempering; metal treating; milling (flour); millworking; mothproofing (fur); mothproofing (textile ); nickel plating; offset printing; oil (processing of); optical glass grinding; paper finishing; paper treating; pattern printing; permanent-press treatment of fabrics; photocomposing services; photographic film development; photographic printing; photogravure; planing [saw mill]; plating (metal ); pottery firing; pre-shrinking (cloth ); printing; printing (lithographic); printing (offset); printing (photographic); processing of oil; production of energy; quilting; recycling of waste and trash; refining services; rental of air conditioning apparatus; rental of generators; rental of space heating apparatus; saddlery working; sandblasting services; satining (fur); sawing [saw mill]; scribing (laser); shoe staining; silkscreen printing; silver-plating; skin dressing; slaughtering of animals; soldering; sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; stripping finishes; tailoring; tanning; taxidermy; tempering (metal); textile fireproofing; textile mothproofing; textile treating; textiles (applying finishes to ); timber felling and processing; tin-plating; vulcanization [material treatment]; warping [looms]; waste and trash (destruction of); waste and trash (incineration of); waste and trash (recycling of); waste treatment [transformation]; water treating; waterproofing (cloth ); window tinting treatment, being surface coating; woodworking; wool treating; works of art (framing of ---).