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International Classification of Goods and Services

Edition 10


The Nice Classification


Legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.

This Class includes:

  • services rendered by lawyers to individuals, groups of individuals, organizations and enterprises;
  • investigation and surveillance services relating to the safety of persons and entities;
  • services provided to individuals in relation with social events, such as social escort services, matrimonial agencies, funeral services.

This Class does not include:

  • professional services giving direct aid in the operations or functions of a commercial undertaking (Cl. 35);
  • services relating to financial or monetary affairs and services dealing with insurance (Cl. 36);
  • escorting of travellers (Cl. 39);
  • security transport (Cl. 39);
  • services consisting of all forms of education of persons (Cl. 41);
  • performances of singers or dancers (Cl. 41);
  • computer services for the protection of software (Cl. 42);
  • services provided by others to give medical, hygienic or beauty care for human beings or animals (Cl. 44);
  • certain rental services (consult the Alphabetical List of Services and General Remark (b) relating to the classification of services).


Adoption agency services; alternative dispute resolution; services; arbitration services; baby sitting; baggage inspection for security purposes; body guarding (personal ); chaperoning; clothing rental; computer software (licensing of) [legal services]; consultancy (intellectual property ); consultancy (security); copyright management; crematorium services; dating services; detective agencies; domain names (registration of) [legal services]; escorting in society [chaperoning]; evening dress rental; fire alarms (rental of); fire extinguishers (rental of); fire-fighting; funerals; genealogical research; guards; guards (night ); horoscope casting; house sitting; inspection (baggage ) for security purposes; inspection of factories for safety purposes; intellectual property consultancy; intellectual property (licensing of ); intellectual property watching services; investigations (missing person ); investigations (personal background ); legal research; licensing of computer software [legal services]; licensing of intellectual property; litigation services; locks (opening of security ); lost property return; management (copyright ); marriage agencies; mediation; missing person investigations; monitoring of burglar and security alarms; night guards; opening of security locks; organization of religious meetings; personal background investigations; personal body guarding; pet sitting; planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; registration of domain names [legal services]; rental of fire alarms; rental of fire extinguishers; rental of safes; safes (rental of ); safety (inspection of factories for ) purposes; security consultancy; undertaking.